Amadeus Ticket Changer
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In business for more than 50 years, Worldstrides understands unexpected challenges and changes happen pre- and during travel. But the process to reissue tickets can be costly, time-consuming and wrought with errors. No bueno for the agency and the student traveller! However, Worldstrides prides itself on accuracy and providing peace of mind to their clients in spite of changes in travel plans.

I recently sat down with Emanuel Matos, Senior Manager of Air Operations, to discuss how Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue helps them handle reissues and facilitate better journeys for their clients.

Explain how your company facilitates better journeys for your customers through Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue.

During pre-departure season, customers realise they may want to customize their travel plans.  Through our “AirCare” process, we have the ability to help meet those demands, which provides our customers with options to deviate from the group product and to customise their individual travel plans. Using Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue allows us to quote, reissue, and get customers what they need in no time.

How long have you been using Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue? How many staffers use it?  

We purchased Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue two years ago.  I am the only one on the team who uses it, given that I am the primary person handling the AirCare process. Our mandate is to process quotes, reissue and ticket in hand to our customers within two business days.  We have seen a significant time reduction, to be exact ½ a business day.

What specific needs does Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue meet for your agency, agents and customers? What benefits have you experienced with Amadeus Ticket Changer Reissue?

I am enamored with the ability to quote the costs of changes in seconds! At Worldstrides, we pride ourselves on delivering what the customers’ needs in a timely manner. Time is money, and we don’t want to keep customers waiting, but rather get them one step closer to their travel experience.

How does Amadeus help you improve your business and serve your customers better?

For us, the ability to have both speed and consistency is crucial to what we do. The ultimate goal for an agent and the customer service sector of a travel company is to have access to a fast, reliable and accurate technology product. Amadeus meets these needs, and in my experience, has always sought to improve on current technology and increase its offerings. Amadeus does this quite well.

Anything else you’d like to add on the future outlook of Worldstrides, technology and industry changes?

The one thing I look forward to is a day when fare structures and rules are standardised. This will allow many of the tools to work consistently and 100 percent of the time. In my opinion, these misalignments are the culprits of things like reissues not always being handled consistently from agent to agent and/or technology being bullet-proof. Not to mention, the reason for those gray hairs that I am starting to notice!

This article by Jeanne Chapel was first published on the Amadeus Corporate Blog.