luxury travel
Low section of wealthy woman stepping out of car parked in front of private plane
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Throwing the continuing economic recession to the wind, travellers are once again splurging on high-price trips. With a 48% increase in the last five years, luxury travel has grown twice as fast as any other types of foreign trips, according to the World Travel Monitor®.

But before booking your high-spending clients into those luxury 5-star resorts, it might be important to consider that our understanding of the concept, luxury, has changed. Instead of lavish hotel furnishings, crystal glasses and diamond tabs, the 21st century traveller is on the look out for authentic experiences on which you simply cannot put a price.

Quality time has become the new luxury, and this is not about to change according to our Traveller Tribes 2030 research, which gives an interesting insight into the future trends of travel groups and forecasts six types of travellers, or “tribes”, that will be influential in the future.

Reward Hunters, travellers on the lookout for unique experiences, have been identified as the drivers of innovation in luxury travel over the next 15 years. The good news for the travel agent is that the Reward Hunter Tribe will depend on your knowledge and expertise of unique travel experiences and locations that are a cut above the rest. They depend on you to help them discover secluded places that will provide the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What will satisfy the ‘new’ luxury traveller?   The new luxury traveller is looking for memorable experiences that combine luxury, spirituality and wellness and the reward hunter. Feel free to throw in a day at the spa, but remember that your client is looking for more than just pampering: he wants to be taken care of spiritually and physically.

If you’re thinking digital detox, you’re on the right track. The Reward Hunter understands the value of switching off, but on the other hand, this traveller also really enjoys technology. A personalised experience is the key to a satisfied Reward Hunter who is also quite happy to share information that can be used by the travel agent to customise a trip.

Expect Reward Hunters to be big users of discreet ‘wearables’ and quality couture. For the Reward Hunter unobtrusive technology is the way to go. So, as a travel provider, be discrete in communicating with members of this tribe.