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Imagine a world where everything is done for you. Where you can go on holiday and relax, knowing that someone else has taken care of all the logistics for you.

Welcome to the world of Simplicity Searchers.

Getting to know the mind-set and motivations of Simplicity Searchers will go a long way towards helping you provide this important consumer segment with the perfect holiday. This newly identified tribe is the one most likely to use travel agent services as we move toward 2030. Understanding their needs, likes and dislikes will give you an edge when it comes to dealing with them.

So what motivates Simplicity Searchers and what kind of holidays are they after?

  • They value ease and transparency when planning travel. They’re happy to outsource their travel arrangements to travel agents, rather than having to do the research themselves on the Internet.
  • They’re generally active seniors between the ages of 50 and 75, with more disposable income, who take holidays and short breaks to relax and enjoy life. Simplicity Searchers also include travellers who like to take holidays with family and friends.
  • They like travel options to be presented to them in simple packages so that they can make their travel decisions easily.
  • For them a holiday is about rest, relaxation and pampering, surrounded by similar creature comforts to what they have at home. They’re not interested in learning about different cultures or broadening their horizons.
  • They will use immersive technologies to preview their plane seat, hotel room and holiday activities before clicking the book button.
  • At airports they prefer user-friendly technologies, including wearable technology with navigations apps that tell them where to go without much input from them.
  • They’re happy to share their personal data to make processes more hassle-free.
  • They don’t like layovers or having to catch connecting flights during their journey, so they will happily spend more to avoid these. Simplicity Searchers will also choose the quickest transport options.
  • They are inclined to travel closer to home to avoid long flights. They like accommodation that’s close to the airport and other amenities and value a good public transport system.

Many millions of new travellers from Africa will fall within the Simplicity Searchers category by 2030, attracted to travel packages that assure their safety and enjoyment, and that provide structure to their experience.

By 2030 Africa’s travel companies will have to have expanded their global reach and have new strategies in place to effectively engage with multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic consumers.

Automation services will play a key role in enabling travel providers to address customers in their native language. Advances in mobile translation software, that enables in-depth conversations rich in cultural and local humour, will also enable travel agents to engage more effectively with their multi-ethnic, multilingual clients.

To learn more about Simplicity Searchers and other tribes, download the full report here.

This is the first in our Sub-Saharan Africa series of the Traveller Tribes. Don’t forget to join us every Tuesday, when we release more information and statistics for you around the different tribes.