Ethiopian Airlines
"Sahara" taxing via Quebec for take-off, Runway 23, Toronto
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Life has become a lot easier for Amadeus travel agents ticketing Ethiopian Airlines as the airline has announced it is now offering guaranteed fare rules for voluntary changes on the Amadeus system.

This means that Amadeus now offers guaranteed fare rules for voluntary changes from 9 out of the top 10 airlines operating in Sub-Saharan Africa!

For most travel agents, last-minute changes are a daily occurrence and can be a great source of stress.

Imagine the following scenario: A corporate traveller’s meeting in Addis Ababa is running late and they just know they will never make their flight back to Nairobi in time. What’s their first call of action? They message their travel agent from their cell phone requesting them to ‘quickly’ make the necessary changes to their flights in line with the company’s travel policy.

While the travel consultant is working against the clock, juggling the clients’ travel policy and approval processes, mistakes are quick to happen.

Good news is that with Amadeus Ticket Changer, travel consultants considerably limit their risks of making mistakes, thereby significantly reducing Airline Debit Memos (ADMS)… or – dare we say it – eliminate them altogether.

Amadeus guarantees ticket reissues with over 130 airlines filing Category 31 Voluntary Changes fare rules, so that travel agents can handle the complex cases of partially flown tickets or multi passenger type changes all at once and as many times as they need to.

Travel consultants will also be able to considerable shorten the time of reissues, saving up to 25 minutes per reissued ticket. With less mistakes and more time, consultants will finally have time to uncover lucrative new service fee opportunities.

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