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Amadeus provides a technology and IT platform to serve 140 airlines called Altéa. What this means is that as an Amadeus travel agent, you have access to the same technology platform that the airlines use providing you the unique benefits you can see here.

Amadeus Technology

System User Airline concept refers to the idea our founder airlines had when they created the Amadeus Global Distribution System, of using the same reservation system in their own ATO (Airport Ticket Office)/CTOs (City Ticket Office) as would be used by the Travel Agency community. This is different to other GDSs. The relationship Amadeus Travel Agencies have with Amadeus ‘system user’ airlines is a unique selling point.

Amadeus’s unique Altéa Res concept used by the airline agents of more than 155 carriers means that the airline uses the same Amadeus system as Travel Agents for all its pricing, availability and PNR management. The airline ATO/CTO agents and the Travel agents access the very same PNR, use the very same Fare Quote engine, access the very same information pages and frequent flyer profiles and can maintain the most efficient possible queue relationships with each other.

This offers huge benefits to travel agents – and at the root of them all is the speed and ease with which agents and Altéa Res airlines share the same information for reservations handling. Thanks to Altéa Res, any Amadeus travel agent, in any of its connected locations, has real-time access to the same high quality and detailed information used by the airline’s own reservations offices. In other words, the concept means that agents and airlines are speaking the same language. This enables the travel agents to strengthen relationships with their own customers, providing them with a much improved and richer customer service.

The highest levels of connectivity (Interactive sell, dynamic schedules and last seat availability), although not being specific to Altéa Res airlines (any airline can subscribe to any combination of these levels) are all systematically available by default with Altéa Res.

The TA therefore has the peace of mind that they are working with real time data across the whole reservations process.