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 With 2017 knocking at the door, most of us have started looking back on 2016 and have started making solemn promises to ourselves to live healthier, be happier, do something ‘new’, travel more…

Often, our big plans and resolutions get dashed or forgotten towards the end of January. Once we’ve swept up the New Year confetti, that grand idea to work out at the gym at 4am every day somehow doesn’t seem all that appealing anymore…

But not all New Year’s resolutions need to be broken, and travel agents can help their clients make their travel wish list for 2017 come true.

We decided to have a look at what’s likely to be on the different traveller tribes’ wish lists for 2017, so that you can motivate and inspire each of your clients in the new year.

1. Simplicity Searchers – an exciting group tour or cruise holiday!


Not surprisingly, Simplicity Searchers welcome ‘simplicity’ for their travels.

So, what you’ll find on the Simplicity Searcher’s wish list is a well-organised group tour to an exciting destination with all the tours and activities are pre-arranged. A cruising holiday is an ideal option for this type of traveller as it is easy to budget for, with meals and entertainment usually included in the price.

2. Cultural Purists – live like a local


Introduce the Cultural Purist to platforms where they can interact with locals and find those unique and ‘hidden gem’ attractions.

Offer them a trip where they can live amongst the locals, enjoying the culture of the country in a truly authentic way. Organise accommodation at people’s homes in up-and-coming hip neighbourhoods, so that they are at the heart of the action.


3. Social Capital Seekers – a high tech hotel in a photogenic destination

high-tech-hotels-starwood The more hi-tech the better for the social Capital Seeker. So, offer this traveller a hotel with a robot concierge or voice-activated curtains. They’ll love to share pictures of these kinds of services with their friends and family on social media.

Find the most Instagram-worthy destination where these travellers can take unusual or photographic selfies to share among their network.


4. Reward Hunters – a private viewing at a museum


For 2017, Reward Hunters will have exceptional and unique experiences on their wish list. They want special treatment and will be tempted and inspired if you offer them private views at museums to behind-the-scenes access to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Of course, luxury and relaxation will remain an important part of travel for the Reward Hunter, so make sure you arrange luxury hotels with exceptional spa treatments and book first class flight tickets.

5. Obligation Meeters – a short but exciting bleisure trip


The Obligation Meeter has a clear purpose for his or her travels and wants everything to be efficient and to the point. But, they can be swayed and inspired by the prospect of a few days’ leisure.

So, for 2017, make sure you offer these travellers the option to see the sights at their destination of to try something new. Suggest timed entrances to museums and galleries and an efficient sight-seeing schedule.


 6. Ethical Travellers – a voluntourism trip to Africa

 download-11Sustainability is the name of the game for Ethical Travellers in 2017. They will be looking for suppliers with a strong sustainable story to tell, and will want to ensure that their accommodation has effective water management, pays its staff a decent wage and uses local suppliers.

A voluntourism trip will, likely, be on the Ethical Traveller’s wish list for 2017. And Africa is of course the place to be in 2017 for travellers who want to contribute to the world and give back.