Mohit Advani - Managing Director at Global Interlink
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Mohit Advani, Managing Director at Global Interlink Uganda shares his insights around Selling Platform Connect & Content Store

Global Interlink a travel agency based in Uganda since 2001, has partnered with Amadeus since 2010. They offer exceptional service and ensure clients understand the extra value they receive from working with a travel agency. From Global Interlink, a one-stop shop, clients can get travel insurance, make airline and hotel bookings, safaris, cruises and a variety of other vital services.

We recently sat down with Mohit Advani, Managing Director at Global Interlink, to discuss his agency’s journey with our Sell Connect solution. As Managing Director, he is tasked with the responsibility of managing and overseeing all their accounts.

How do you best continue to serve your customers?

We ensure that we are effective and efficient through a quick turnaround. We have a policy to respond to our clients within a certain period of time. To solve any problems that may arise, we keep the channel of communication open and advise them that even though we haven’t gotten back we are working on it round the clock.

“Sell Connect is the next–generation fully cloud-based booking and fulfillment platform that is designed to free you from technology constraints so you can put your passion to work”.

When did you start using Sell Connect and why?

We started using Sell Connect from September 2016. Personally, I was not very confident with the platform we were previously using, as it was very heavy to use hence the switch to using Sell Connect. With the efficiency of this solution, business has never been the same.

How does Sell Connect help you in providing a “dedicated and personal service”?

It is very easy to use, I can log in from any laptop be it at the office, at home or whenever I am travelling. I can access the platform anywhere, as all I require is verification of my credentials to login. This way I can be of assistance to any of my clients at any given time. The functionality is really good; for example, for airline seat charges, you can price the seats easily using the platform.

Selling Platform Connect Infographic

Have you had any challenges, and have you been assisted to resolve them?

Yes, we had two challenges in the beginning, and Amadeus resolved our issues. The challenges were:

  1. Ticketing problems, where we had a challenge re-issuing tickets.
  2. Office Smart Keys, which was looked into and was fully resolved by Amadeus.

We are always appreciative of the help-desk swiftness in assisting us with arising issues.


Has the platform been particularly useful to you in helping deliver exceptional service to your clientele?

In one instance, while booking an Amadeus airline, we had a client who requested for an economy comfort exit row seat on KLM. Sell Connect picks up the whole image of the aircraft and allows you to view the seating arrangement. The client insisted that she wanted the window seat, or the aisle seat; however the preference she wanted was not available.

The graphic mode on the platform is really pleasant, we took a screen shot of the aircraft and sent this to the client advising her on the available options together with the pricing (which is available on the aircraft graphic).

This basically shows the client that we know what we are doing and it is in an easy format for the client to understand”

From the six innovation features of Sell Connect, which feature (s) work best for you?

We really appreciate the Office Smart Keys, as we get deals with certain providers and airlines. It is often difficult to remember all the deals offered by certain providers, hence we use the Office Smart Keys where all we are required is to input the details of the deals and anyone can access this information as long as they are logged in.

What advice would you give to an agency that is not already using Sell Connect?

I’d say they should move away from the old system completely and move to Sell Connect as it is much easier to use and they will thank me for that. It is a life saver!

The Amadeus Content Store from Travel Boutique Online (TBO) offers unparalleled access to over 100,000 hotel properties worldwide, sourced from the region’s most popular aggregators and wholesalers. It helps to expand offerings, providing a better service to customers, and generates additional profitable sales.

Content Store is faster and easier to use

How has Content Store helped you and your business?

Content Store has given us a wide range of hotels and packages for our clients. It saves a lot of time, as we no longer have to sign contracts with suppliers all over the world. The booking and pricing on Content Store is seamless and very easy to use. It also gives you various options on the different type of rooms to choose from or different price levels. It has put us in touch with these properties around the world and has given us a lot more options to offer to our clients.


From my experience: “All agents should get together and not try and undercut each other. We should all charge similar service fees and let our clients know the value of the service fee we extend to them”.