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Did you know that 2,7 million Airline Debit Memos (ADMs) were issued in 2016 worldwide to a value of more than US$570m? In Africa, travel agents are paying on average US$110 for an ADM.

What’s more, a lot of travel agents in Africa are still reluctant to charge professional fees and say they are afraid their customers will look elsewhere.

The time has come for travel consultants to be smart about their bottom line! So, wipe out those dreaded ADMs and start charging fees for the professional service you are offering.

Not sure how to go about it? Amadeus Ticket Changer will help you achieve your goals and save money in an easy and tangible way.

How to wipe out ADMs?

 Amadeus Ticket Changer systematically and accurately calculates the fare, tax balance and penalty fee. This ensures the right fare and the right penalty charge are applied, helping to avoid ADMs related to manual reissues.

Estelle from Tourvest in South Africa told us she used to have “sleepless nights worrying about re-issues”, but this has officially been a thing of the past now that she uses Amadeus Ticket Changer.

For Joel of Palbina Travel in Nairobi, Amadeus Ticket Changer has helped “avoid ADMs and made work a lot easier”, while the consultants from Wakanow in Nigeria say it makes their work “faster and more accurate”.

Ticket Changer has helped Jeanette from Reynolds Travel in South Africa pick up any possible mistakes. “It’s quick, it helps to work out the difference and advise if you have booked the incorrect class.”

“It’s guaranteed to be correct and fast,” says also Lezane from XL Bay Travel in South Africa, while Innocent from Satguru Travel & Tours in Rwanda says: “It offers sure calculations while doing ticket re-issues.”

How to start charging professional fees?

Would you ever query the fact that a doctor charges a fee to examine you? Or that the hairdresser charges a fee to cut your hair?

The modern travel agent is a professional consultant who will always negotiate the best options for his or her clients, so why be reluctant to charge a fee?

With Amadeus Ticket Changer, travel consultants can enhance the customer experience, by offering a seamless travel experience. Changes and re-issues for clients can now be done effortlessly in a matter of seconds.

Victoria from Travelstart in Nigeria explains Ticket Changer is a very useful tool that helps her assist her clients even at times when they only realise they have the wrong itinerary when they are already at the airport.  She says: “My client requested a last-minute change recently. I could re-book the itinerary and re-issue the ticket, allowing the passenger to travel that same day.”

What are you waiting for, increase your bottom line today! Visit to find out more about Amadeus Ticket Changer