Ticket Changer
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Have you ever felt like a superhero, ‘saving the day’ for clients who desperately need your help during their travels?

Thanks to Amadeus Ticket Changer, you now have the superpowers to assist your clients quickly and efficiently. The solution allows you to shorten the time of reissues, reduce ADMs, guarantee ticket reissues and – thanks to the enhanced service you’ll be offering – uncover lucrative service fee opportunities.

Alberta Allen, Director General EuroTour in Ghana, explains she helped save the day for a client who needed to re-route and travel from New York to Accra for a job interview. He managed to get to his job interview in time thanks to the quick action from Euro Tour, who managed to book him a last-minute seat on the plane. “He just got into a car to JFK and arrived in time for his job interview. He didn’t know how to thank us,” she says.

Says Alberta: “We usually get emergency cases whereby a passenger is at the airport unable to get a seat and few minutes to the departure time the seat map opens and within two minutes a re-issue can be made and ticket sent to the passenger to travel.”

According to Alberta, Amadeus Ticket Changer is a great tool and a huge help to travel companies. She says: “It’s swift, accurate and a time-saver. It helps us re-issue utilised and non-utilised tickets, helps charge an additional collection fee in an EMD form, and assists with re-routing.”

Julie Fevrier from Harvey World Travel Manor saved the day for her client thanks to Ticket Changer. She explains: “I booked a client on a flight to the USA. For some obscure reason, when I issued the original ticket, one of the legs were omitted from the fare quote. So on her return journey the client called me from the check in counter at the airport and said the airline told her she does not have a ticket for the return journey back to South Africa. I rushed to my laptop, called up the booking and realised my blunder. Out of sheer desperation I did the ATC entry, lo and behold it worked like magic and best of all, there was no additional collection due on the ticket. It probably took about 90 seconds since her call.”

The fact that Amadeus Ticket Changer considerably reduces the time of reissues has also not gone unnoticed by Shirley from Burns Cunningham Corporate Travel. “It’s quick, easy to use and has given me the nickname of Exchange Queen in our office,” she says.

Ticket Changer has helped Jeanette from Reynolds Travel in South Africa pick up any possible mistakes. “It’s quick, it helps to work out the difference and advise if you have booked the incorrect class.”

“It’s guaranteed to be correct and fast,” says also Lezane from XL Bay Travel in South Africa, while Innocent from Satguru Travel & Tours in Rwanda says: “It offers sure calculations while doing ticket re-issues.”

Do you want to uncover your superhero powers with Amadeus Ticket Changer? Visit our website www.worksmarter.amadeus.com.