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Most requests travel agents receive are pretty run-of-the-mill: booking a weekend to Cape Town, finding the best cruise to Europe or advising a luxurious stay in New York. But, every once in a while, travellers push the boundaries of what’s normal—or even possible.

Amadeus’ travel agents share some of the funniest things clients have asked them this year:

Travel insurance will cover absolutely anything, right?

Club Travel’s Luana Visagie says she had a client ask whether the travel insurance would cover cancellation of accommodation and flights if he decided to cut his holiday short if the beaches were too crowded.

“We said we would take our service to the next level and stage a shark spotting and clear the beach for them. Only kidding,” Luana laughs.


When clients get a tad unrealistic about prices


Sure Maritime Travel’s Rachael Penaluna says sometimes clients have price expectations that are not really on a par with reality. One client asked her: “I am looking for a spa in Summerstrand for two people, massage, pedicure and manicure for R500 ($39). Oh, and can you put it on our corporate account?”


What’s in a name?

Travel Options’ Susan Mwandira told us on Facebook earlier this year that her client asked a price for a return ticket from Lusaka to Lilongwe. So far, so good.

However, when Susan gave the quotation and requested the name of the passenger travelling, the client told her he would be travelling from Lusaka to Lilongwe, but someone else would be travelling on the way back to Lilongwe. “I was like… what????” Susan laughs.

Isn’t Amsterdam in Canada?

Marie-Reine Kone of Afric Voyages in Ivory Coast mentioned on Amadeus Africa’s Facebook page that her client asked her to price a flight to Canada.

Marie-Reine explained that Canada was quite large and that the price would depend on which city the client wished to travel to. She asked the client to which city he wanted to fly. He thought for a moment and then answered: “To Amsterdam”.


The embassy won’t mind if I send someone else for my visa interview, will they?


Adebisi Adigun Atilola of Morning Dew Travel & Tours reacted to Amadeus Africa’s blogpost earlier this year by saying one of her clients once asked her if he could come to her office for the visa interview. He then proceeded to ask if he could send someone else in case he couldn’t make it.



Hold the plane!

Kenya-based Tripple Tours & Travel’s John Gicheha Muchina told Amadeus on Facebook that a client once asked him if he could please talk to the airline and ask them if they could wait for her as she was running late to catch that flight.




Where am I travelling again?

 God’s Power Travel Agency’s Chika Julia commented on Amadeus Facebook post with an example of a client asking her to remind him of his destination two days after she had issued his ticket.





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