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The traveller has been in the driving seat for the past few years and has been evolving much faster than the travel agency. In 2018, it’s time for Travel Agents to take back the wheel.

Travel agency owners are beginning to recognise that the travel consultant is so much more than merely a ticket booker. They are starting to acknowledge that every travel consultant needs to be seen as a business development partner and an essential asset to grow the travel agency.

It’s perhaps scary to think that most travellers between the ages of 20 and 30 years have never set foot in a physical travel agency before. Instead of seeing this as an obstacle, modern travel retailers are beginning to rethink their business and are exploring how they can reinvent themselves.

They are engaging with younger generations in a way that appeals to their lifestyle, and do so throughout the entire travel cycle – from inspiration, planning, during the journey and after it’s over – and with a truly collaborative approach.

Travel agency owners need to invest in their travel consultants to allow them to evolve into ‘designers of travel experiences’ who can blend a personal and human touch with digital technologies.

One way of doing this is through automation. Take the leap and automate the more mundane tasks in the booking process, freeing up your consultants to focus on the customer.

Amadeus has invested heavily in the entire travel ecosystem and is offering solutions that help travel agencies evolve their role to offer their services on any channel: offline, online and mobile. For examples of this, see .

The possibilities for innovation are limitless. At Amadeus, we believe that the best way to predict the future is to simply create it. We’re ready to step in and shape the future of travel together with Travel Agents.

This article originally appeared in Travel News Weekly in South Africa.