Ticket Changer
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Work smarter, not harder! During the past few weeks, we’ve been telling you all the amazing things you can do with Amadeus Ticket Changer.

 We’ve told you we’ll give you superpowers that will allow you to shorten the time of reissues, reduce ADMs, uncover lucrative new service opportunities and guarantee ticket reissues.

 But now, we want to hear what you think about our solution!

Travel agents told us about their new-found superpowers with Amadeus Ticket Changer

 Super Speed

 Super Speed’ has empowered a great number of our superhero travel agents in Africa.

 “With Amadeus Ticket Changer, I can re-issue an eTicket within 30 seconds! It automatically calculates new fares and has made re-issues very fast and convenient for me,” Wajid from Travel Affairs Ltd in Nairobi says.

 The fact that Amadeus Ticket Changer considerably reduces the time of reissues has also not gone unnoticed by Shirley from Burns Cunningham Corporate Travel. “It’s quick, easy to use and has given me the nickname of Exchange Queen in our office,” she tells us. Talk about being a superhero in the office!

 Not only does Ticket Changer save time for consultants, it also saves time for clients. Caroline from Tripple Tours and Travel in Kenya says: “I’m now able to respond to customer requests immediately, as it has reduced the workload significantly.”

 Super Saver Powers

 Airline ticket exchanges and resulting debit memos are what nightmares are made of for most travel agents. But that’s officially a thing of the past now for Estelle from Tourvest, who no longer has “sleepless nights worrying about re-issues”.

 For Joel of Palbina Travel in Nairobi, Amadeus Ticket Changer has helped “avoid ADMs and made work a lot easier”, while the consultants from Wakanow in Nigeria say it makes their work “faster and more accurate”.

 Ticket Changer has helped Jeanette from Reynolds Travel in South Africa pick up any possible mistakes. “It’s quick, it helps to work out the difference and advise if you have booked the incorrect class.”

 “It’s guaranteed to be correct and fast,” says also Lezane from XL Bay Travel in South Africa, while Innocent from Satguru Travel & Tours in Rwanda says: “It offers sure calculations while doing ticket re-issues.”

 X-Ray vision

Ticket Changer gives you X-Ray vision to uncovering lucrative new service fee opportunities, as well as opportunities to become more productive.

 Tristan from Flight Centre Hyde Park in South Africa has picked up on how to increase productivity with Amadeus Ticket Changer. Says Tristan: “It’s a highly efficient way of working out changes. It saves money and time for the customer, and makes me more productive as a sales consultant.”

 To sum it all up, Charlene from Sure Giltedge Travel in South Africa says: “It is so quick, easy and user-friendly. I love it! One of the best inventions of Amadeus!”

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