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Here in the ACO we’ve got six (6) scheduled classroom trainings, these are delivered in a conducive environment with world-class multimedia to

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  1. Amadeus PNR & Fare Course (APNF): This’s a 2-day foundational course for all Amadeus users and a prerequisite for attending all other training courses. Participants are introduced to the Amadeus Selling Platform, how to log in, interpret the various codes used in the booking process, make availability and fare displays and create Passenger Name Records (PNRs)
  2. Amadeus Information System Course (AIS): A follow-up course to build expertise in the use of Amadeus Selling Platform. Topics covered include Amadeus Online Help and Information pages, Customer Profiles, Queues and Timatic.
  3. Amadeus Electronic Ticketing (AET): A one-day course for proficient users of the system. In this training they’re taught how to issue, print, cancel, revalidate and reissue e-Tickets. It’s designed for IATA/BSP agents who are or will be charged with the responsibility for issuing airline tickets.
  4. Amadeus Hotel: Participants come in for 3-4 hours to learn how to execute the various hotel display entries such as hotel lists, availability as well as understand the hotel codes, and ultimately sell hotel rooms with or without an existing PNR.
  5. Amadeus Sales Reporting & Refund (ASSR): This course is targeted at Travel agency staff members, especially back-end, responsible for sales report analysis and ticket refund processing.
  6. Amadeus Ticket Changer(ATC)/Electronic Miscellaneous Document: A sequel to the AET Course, it’s an half-day training to demonstrate how ticket revalidation and exchange is automatically recalculated to save agents’ time and eliminate errors resulting in Debit memos.