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If travellers want to book a holiday at the best price with minimal hassles, of course they should be using a travel agent in 2018.

Amadeus travel agents give you five great reasons why travellers will use a travel consultant in 2018:


1. Avoid unexpected surprises in 2018


Who doesn’t like surprises – especially during the holiday season?

Club Travel’s Luana Visagie explains that not all surprises are created equal. Arriving at the airport after having booked your trip online and find you don’t have the right travel documents and you can’t board the plane is not a surprise that will brighten your day.

Turn to a professional travel agent; they will let you know well in advance which documents you need for which country, and let the surprises in 2018 all be positive.

2. Choose the adventure you want to have

2018 will once again see travellers seek out unique and exclusive adventures that will allow them to really immerse themselves in a destination and culture.

By using a travel agent, you can choose the adventure you want to have: take a guided bike tour through Soweto, go on a walking safari in Zambia or explore Botswana’s Okavango Delta on a traditional mokoro canoe ride… and avoid the more unpleasant ‘adventures’ of being stranded at an airport.

Sure Maritime Travel’s Rachael Penaluna explains that floods, hurricanes and fires have all had an impact on travel in 2017, and have seen passengers stranded at airports across the world. Avoid those kinds of adventures and turn to a travel agent who can arrange a quick evacuation for you or arrange comfortable accommodation while they work around the clock to get you onto the next plane.

3. Don’t make Google your BFF in 2018

What do you prefer: spending hours at home sifting through mounds of information on Google or having a quick chat to your travel agent to explain what is important to you on your holiday?

Step away from the computer in 2018 to make time for your friends and family, and let your travel agent send you attractive options for your next holiday based on your likes and dislikes, says Pentravel’s Michelle Boshoff.

 4. Splurge only on the things you love in 2018


Holidays are all about indulging a bit and splurging money on good food and lovely experiences!

Your travel agent will make sure you get the best deals on your holiday, so you have money left to indulge that little bit extra while you are on your trip.

Sure Maritime Travel’s Rachael Penaluna explains a travel agent can help you make great savings and will immediately call you when that cruise you have been thinking about has unsold berths and has dropped its prices.

5. Don’t let your friends be the travel experts in 2018

We all have that friend of a friend who knows someone who went to a particular hotel or resort or flew on a particular airline, says Pentravel’s Michelle Boshoff.

However, she warns that relying on what friends or acquaintances have experienced and use it as a benchmark as to what you will experience can be a dangerous exercise and could just put a damper on your friendships.

“Nobody’s circumstances and likes are exactly the same,” says Michelle. A travel agent will be able to determine which holiday suits you and your family the best.

So, for a happy and joyful 2018: travellers should consult a travel agent! It could be the wisest holiday decision they’ll make to start off the new year just right!!