corporate travel tech trends
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Managing employee travel effectively is a vital part of any organisation’s success. Travel is an established part of doing business, so providing a frictionless travel experience that allows the person to focus on doing business, not travel, is becoming increasingly important. Seamless travel also means greater efficiency for the business overall.

To discover what is driving change for corporations, Amadeus looked at the top five corporate travel tech trends currently impacting the corporate travel industry:

  1. Voice is the next frontier

corporate travel tech trends

As travel companies continue to invest in voice technology, corporations will have quicker access to the traveller’s profile, real-time alerts and in-flight amenities. This means travel consultants and travellers won’t have to go through multiple screens; they can achieve the same goal – using only voice.

“Blockchain, Voice and AI are potentially three of the most promising technologies. I personally think voice will be the differentiator going forward,” says Nishank Gopalkrishnan, Chief Business Officer, Musement.

  1. Duty of care

In most countries, employers have a legal and ethical duty of care to their employees, which means they should take all reasonable steps to ensure employees’ health, safety and well-being.

To help corporations with this, Amadeus offers a Mobile Messenger solution that provides real-time assistance and disruption management wherever employees and travellers are. Corporations can monitor the safety and well-being of travellers throughout their trip and anticipate their needs and take immediate action when needed.

  1. Feeling the impact of 5G

corporate travel tech trends

Faster networks through 5G are being deployed in several cities and are enabling new technologies to take off, changing the way that we move around our own cities and travel to others.

5G connectivity will allow travel companies to provide a seamless travel experience in which a business traveller can go door-to-door from their home to a hotel hassle free and with a truly personalised service. The frictionless experience will continue at their hotel with 5G smart hotels – offering faster connection speeds for smartphones and connected devices.

With 5G, the end traveller is going to be better connected than ever before. Corporations need to be ready for this and ensure they best equip their employees to take advantage of this 5G hyper-connectivity.

“Business travel is no longer just about getting to and from home. It is a series of experiences that demand an intuitive, streamlined management – which is all driven through mobile. I’m convinced that the 5G rollout will completely transform the corporate traveller’s mobile experience,” says Edgar Vega, Commercial Head of APAC, Mobile, Amadeus.

  1. The rise of ‘Super-apps’

This is basically the ‘all-in-one’ solution, or the ‘one-stop-shop’. Corporate travellers are juggling so many apps (airlines, travel agencies, hotels etc.). But the ‘Super-app’ concept is something very appealing for the corporate traveller, giving them the ability to book, make changes, get an itinerary, claim expenses – all on one single app.

Moving forward, travellers will expect everything to be easily accessible to them through one, simple to use app. Corporations need to bear this in mind when reviewing their solutions that they make available to their employees.

  1. Mastering security with a seamless travel experience

corporate travel tech trends

One trend to look out for in the future is how the travel industry will master security alongside a seamless travel experience. Innovation in this space is well underway and biometrics are playing a huge roll in making this happen. Long queues and scanning passports will become a thing of the past as travel becomes frictionless.

Amadeus is working with several airports in line with IATA’s One ID vision to use biometrics to reduce wait times and move towards a remotely-hosted biometrics solution for the industry. Business travellers will be able to spend less time waiting in queues and spend more time focused on the job they are there for. This is crucial for those that travel regularly for work – especially in terms of keeping job satisfaction levels high.

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