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The concept of luxury is highly subjective – there’s no denying it. For one traveller, luxury may mean eating caviar and sipping champagne on a luxury yacht, for another luxury is travelling with their falcons in the cabin, while for others the ultimate idea of luxury could be an exclusive experience sleeping in a hut in the middle of the African savannah. Luxury has an undeniable personal aspect that needs to be taken into account.

These days, it’s not enough to know what luxury means to each of the travel providers’ clients, you also need to know what luxury means to that client ‘right now’. What a client considered luxurious when he was 25, might not feel as lavish when he is 35. The perception of luxury can even change throughout the duration of a single holiday.

So how can travel agents respond to these changing needs? Amadeus’ recent report Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Understanding tomorrow’s traveller highlights the importance of approaching travellers based on their intentions rather than their age, gender or cabin class, and recognising that their intentions will change depending on the circumstances of their trip. The same is true for luxury travellers. These travellers are also defined by their behaviours and intentions.

We’ve identified 6 different luxury tribes in our report, Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel:

Always Luxury

Money is no object. Part of the Simplicity Seekers, luxury is a minimum requirement rather than a perk. So, start booking those first-class seats, private jets and top tier room categories. That’s what this traveller wants and will probably always want.

Special Occasion

Everyone deserves a treat. Mostly Reward Hunters, these travellers are on the lookout for a ‘wow’ experience – they’ll even forego comfort if it means they’ll get an incredible travel experience. Use their loyalty points to upgrade their flights, and book them an exceptional restaurant or well-deserved spa treatment.


Step aside bleisure, here comes bluxury. These Obligation Meeters and Reward Hunters will not hesitate to add a couple of days of luxury leisure onto their business trip. A business trip in Nairobi? Make sure you book tickets for the family to extend this trip into a luxury safari.

Cash-rich, time-poor

A blend of Obligation Meeters and Simplicity Seekers, this tribe’s plans tend to change often and at the last minute. So, book them flexible tickets and make the travel booking process as seamless as possible. They will happily pay for your expertise if it allows them the rare chance to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones.

Strictly Opulent

This Reward Hunter wants luxury with a capital ‘L’ and is looking for glamour. Think luxury yachts and private islands. Make sure Wi-Fi is available as this traveller wants to share every part of his or holiday on social media.

Independent Affluent

A blend of Reward Hunters and Simplicity Seekers, this tribe turns to luxury travel when they want to pamper themselves, or try something new. They have no obligations and are free to splurge if they feel like it. Look out for travel brands and destinations that are suitable for solo travellers. And make sure you let this traveller know you care and have his or her best interest at heart.

Now that we know who the luxury travellers of tomorrow are, players in the travel sector could start creating those comprehensive luxury experiences for their clients. They will not regret it!

Editorial Note: This post is part of a series of blogs, which will focus on insights into luxury travel.