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With a hectic daily schedule and demanding clients, the travel agent profession can be tough and overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be!

We chatted to four great travel agents across Africa about their tips to increase their productivity and get more done each day.

Automate the workload – Rachael Penaluna (South Africa)

“Client profiles, Communicator and Amadeus ticket changer. These are for me the three most important parts of my productivity,” says Sure Travel’s Rachael Penaluna, adding that having access to accurate information and using reliable systems that capture all the travel agency’s information on an ongoing basis is a most important element when increasing the travel agency’s productivity.

    Add a personal touch for your clients – Patrick Kamanga (Kenya)

    Movers and Shapers’ winner and MD Deans Travel’s Patrick Kamanga tells us it’s important to add a personal touch with the client, especially when they visit the office, but even on the phone. “Going the extra mile to organise their travel arrangements will win you more business, give you more referrals, and thus boost your productivity,” he say.

    According to Patrick, the Amadeus system is a fantastic help for any travel agent wanting to boost their productivity. “When I started using Amadeus, things changed not only for me, but also for my colleagues in the office. Even clients were amazed by the speed of the turn-around of any request.”

      Use technology to deliver what you promised – Joseph N. Wamah Sr (Monrovia)

      It’s important for travel agents to deliver what they promised, says Joseph N. Wamah Sr, owner Jos Travel and Tours in Monrovia. He adds that by definition, a travel agent needs to deliver a fantastic travel and tourism experience for their clients. “We do just that, but we couldn’t have done it without the help of the Internet. For me the Internet is still the most fascinating technology that definitely helps us boost our productivity.”

          Let happiness boost your productivity – Bukola Aliu (Nigeria)

          “One thing that I know really boosts my productivity is happiness,” says Nigeria’s Rock Springs Travel’s Bukola Aliu. “A happy person is a creative person. I love what I do and with the way the industry is in Nigeria due to the recession and Forex issue, if you are not happy with yourself and what you do, depression steps in.”