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Grow your revenue, reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction with Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC), the fully-automated solution that enables you to efficiently service your customer’s change requests in a matter of seconds.

Whether re-pricing, re-issuing or refunding a ticket or itinerary, ATC does all the work for you, helping you to reduce costs and provide your customers with exceptional service.

ATC helps you apply airline and re-issue refund policies automatically, with accurate and guaranteed results.

Simple and easy to use, it dramatically cuts the time to process changes to your customer’s itinerary. You can change a ticket in just four easy steps compared with 14 steps for manual reissues, which can save you up to 25 minutes per reissued ticket. Using voluntary change and penalty fare rule data to process ticket changes in less than a minute, it allows you to benefit from the same time-saving process for all airlines.

ATC calculates all kinds of itinerary modifications, including the date, flight and routing, and processes all types of tickets and fares, before and after departure. It accurate calculates the fare/tax balance and penalty fee in all your channels and automatically generates the necessary reporting which ensures the correct fare and penalty charge are applied from any point of sale. This helps to avoid ADMs.  All automated reissues are covered by Amadeus’s fare guarantee policies.

Amadeus Ticket Changer is made up of three components that cover all recalculation of ticket changes and refunds:

  • ATC Re-price – fast, accurate, reliable fare re-calculation for changes to tickets and itineraries
  • ATC Re-issue – a fully automated ticket exchange solution available in more than 130 markets
  • ATC Refund – refund processing in two easy steps with guaranteed results

All types of tickets, fares and changes handled

Tickets: ATC is fully automated for all types of tickets including electronic tickets issued in Amadeus or another GDS, paper tickets issued in Amadeus, domestic and international itineraries, first issue and revalidated tickets. It is the only solution which also handles the reissue of unused or partially flown tickets and the only one to include interline tickets for partner airlines.

Fares: ATC handles all fares types including public, private and Amadeus negotiated fares, filed both with Category 31 (voluntary changes) and Category 16 (penalties).

Changes:  All types of changes are handled with multiple reissues possible, both before and after departure.

Among the key benefits of using ATC:

  • It improves productivity, significantly reducing the time spent on fare recalculation, ticket exchanges and refunds. Less training is required than any other solution.
  • It reduces errors and secures revenue by eliminating the risk of errors, helping to secure revenue and reduce ADMs.
  • The fully integrated technology provides consistency across all sales channels using recognised industry standards.
  • Agents are able to offer better customer service through fast and efficient handling of ticket changes.
  • Results are guaranteed using SITA and ATPCO filed data.

Once an itinerary has been booked, ATC offers six options. You can request:  Informative pricing for the reissue (FXF) Confirmed pricing (FXQ)

  • Informative pricing followed by Confirmed pricing
  • Best Pricer informative pricing (FXE)
  • Best Pricer confirmed pricing (FXO)
  • Best Pricer informative pricing (FXE) followed by a Best Pricer confirmed pricing (FXO)

The system will automatically determine whether to revalidate or reissue the ticket.