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A good business partner always seeks the welfare of their other partners rather than just the benefits he or she stands to derive from the partnership. This should be the hallmark of good Travel consultants towards their clients.

Travel Insurance over the years in Ghana had been sorted after only when travelers were traveling to Schegun countries because it was mandatory. For three (3) years now, travel insurance has now become important not only to Schegun countries but worldwide considering the number of uncertainties that had occurred in our airspace over these few years.

With this backdrop brings the importance of Travel Insurance of which Amadeus Ghana in Partnership with some vibrant Insurance companies has made available insurance packages easier for Travel consultants to sell comfortably from their office.

Locally called ‘TRAVIS’, travel consultants can sell travel insurance to their clients from any of the three insurance companies on the selling platform. This insurance alleviates travelers expenses of the many risk associated with travel.

• Cancellation before and during travel.
• Loss of baggage, personal effects, cash and credit cards during travel.
• Medical, hospital and dental expenses during the travel. (Outside of the home country)
• Emergency expenses, repatriation and accidental death during the travel.
• Delay or substituted travel arrangements during the travel.

‘It has not only strengthened the relationship I have with my clients but it has also brought me some extra income out of this upsale of TRAVIS’ by CEO of Afrowings travel.