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Technology can be a great enabler when corporate travellers are faced with disruption and risk in Africa. However, it is important that disruption information reaches the traveller in real-time through the appropriate platforms. This was one of the topics that was discussed at the at the recent ABTA industry connect forum.

Today, the challenge is no longer that people are not embracing technology, they are. Different companies are providing information through different platforms and apps. The challenge is that all travellers wants to have the latest app that is supposedly ‘better’ than the rest. However, that ‘better’ app might not be integrated with other existing apps and systems. So, in order to get the information the traveller needs, he or she will need to browse through different platforms.

According to the Amadeus whitepaper, Shaping the future of Airline Disruption Management (IROPS), there is still a clear gap when it comes to filtering relevant and up-to-date information from the source of the disruption, such as the airport or the airline, to the traveller.

Airlines may appear to be at the heart of operations, but it is imperative to recognise that we, as an industry, are a symbiotic network when it comes to getting passengers from A to B. If disruption hits one of us, it will hit the rest of us further along the journey. It is therefore important that TMCs make sure their travellers use the most accurate channel or platform for their needs. Travellers need to be made aware of what is necessary and what app they need for what kind of situation.

In its whitepaper, Amadeus has calculated that airlines across the world lose over US$60bn in revenue as a result of disruption. As a technology partner to the industry, Amadeus has collaborated intensively with different partners, airlines and TMCs worldwide, trying to come up with solutions that will mitigate risk and limit disruption.

Amadeus has invested in technology to make sure travellers receive information in real-time. Once travellers know what is going on, they don’t panic. The intent of this collaboration with all the different partners is to make sure that ultimately the traveller is up-to-date and disruption is minimised.

As Hazem Hussein, Executive Vice President, Head of Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and Turkey, Airline IT for Amadeus, points out: “We may never be able to prevent all causes of disruption, but we can work together to ensure that when it happens, we are ready to respond with up-to-date strategies, effective operations and confidence that we can serve passengers more effectively than ever before.”