online business plan
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Having an online presence or mobile presence for your travel agency is probably quite high on your list of priorities for 2019. If it’s not, now might be the right time to review your New Year Resolutions and create an online business plan….

The digital world offers innumerable opportunities for businesses in any industry. However, travel agencies in particular benefit from the opportunities of the online channel as most travellers take to the online space to research their next holidays.

For travel agents however, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the rising flood of new digital tools, devices, buzzwords and strategies.

As Thierry Dongier, Amadeus Head of online sales, Middle East and Africa, recently explained at the KATA Industry Meeting in Nairobi, the online journey can be quite daunting.

“The truth is that you can have the most beautiful shop, but if your shop is located in a back alley with no foot traffic, it’s unlikely to be successful. The same is true for online travel agencies,” he said.

According to Dongier, the opportunity to go online in all spheres of travel – B2C, B2B, even corporate travel – are huge, with online penetration in Africa still being very limited.

To help you make sense of the chaos, Amadeus has decided to run a series of tips to make your journey online just a little bit easier.

5 tips on how you can create an online business plan for your travel agency:

1. Set goals

Set smart objectives for your online strategy.

2. Choose channels

Identify channels most relevant to your business and audience. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

3. Create content

Digital and social media marketing are powered by original and engaging content. Make a content calendar and plan/create content relevant to your business offer.

4. Monitor and analyse

Ensure you are on track by monitoring your goals regularly by utilising analytical tools.

5. Reset goals

Regularly review your performance and set new goals based on future objectives.

“There are a lot of options for all agencies, but it is essential that you see the online component of your business as more than an extension of your offline business,” says Dongier.

“You need new skills in your team and marketing brings a whole new dimension in your operations. You should also be clear about your online value proposition.”

The Amadeus team is on hand to help you develop a strategy, advise on how to execute and work with you to grow your online business.