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South Africa will soon have a first-of-its-kind data hub for the travel and tourism industry.

Presented to the public in May this year, Jurni is the official rebranding of the National Tourism Visitor Information System (NTVIS) transformation initiative. A private-public partnership, the NTVIS was formed in consultation with key stakeholders in South Africa’s travel and tourism sector. The Amadeus IT Group has been funding NTVIS as a project under the National Industrial Partnership Programme (NIPP), which is managed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Jurni emerged as a Travel and Tourism Data Management initiative which will implement NTVIS by ensuring that relevant technology solutions are built to meet industry needs with the ultimate goal of collecting and showcasing meaningful travel and tourism data. This includes the development of an unbiased, consolidated and comprehensive data hub that will deliver credible data that can be distilled to a local and regional level.

South Africa’s former Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom called the Jurni initiative a pioneer. “It is the first time the South African travel and tourism industry will have access to accurate and centralised tourism data, which will empower the industry to make significant and informed decisions,” he said.

Andy Hedley, MD of Amadeus Southern Africa, explained the investment by Amadeus is intended to respond to the real needs of South Africa’s travel and tourism industry. As such, the participation of private and public sector in the initiative is key.

“Amadeus feels that an industry alliance including key stakeholders such as South Africa’s Department of Tourism would ensure this overarching goal is met. We are pleased that Jurni also enjoys the full support of leading private-sector tourism associations,” he said.

Andy Hedley, GM Amadeus Southern Africa

“Amadeus IT Group”, said Hedley, “is committed to transformational, sustainable and inclusive growth of the global travel and tourism sector. As an invested partner of South Africa’s travel and tourism sector, we see the NTVIS, and Jurni, as fundamental to achieving this growth here.”

The data hub is currently in its execution phase with architecture, design and development in progress. A prototype of the data hub was recently presented to stakeholders, including South African Tourism, TBCSA and Amadeus. The data hub delivers credible data that can be distilled to a local and regional level. It will facilitate decision making for tourism industry players across the value chain.

Data Hub
Dr. Nomvuselelo Songelwa, CEO of Jurni

“We have been able to showcase the functionality of the data hub through a first prototype. Datasets made available to us through our partners were used to show trending information, to measure actual versus target numbers and to perform year-on-year comparisons. The different sets of data provided meaningful and valuable information upon which decisions could be made,” says Dr Nomvuselelo Songelwa, CEO of Jurni.

Jurni is currently running a consumer campaign to ask the public to identify the ultimate Jurni Gem, South Africa’s  most unique hidden tourism gems. You can nominate your favourite attraction, hotel or B&B here.