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6 November 2017 , 2:52 pm

Amadeus Tip: How to share or stop sharing an item in Productivity Suite?

Do you enjoy working with Productivity Suite but are you wondering how to share – or maybe how to stop sharing – items in Productivity Suite. We’ll tell you how to go about it with our latest Amadeus Tip.

1. Select the item that you want to share on the Main List page.

You must have created the item that you want to share or stop sharing

2. Click on Switch to Sharing View.

3. Select or clear the offices that you want to share or stop sharing the item with.

Note: These are all the offices to which you currently have login access.

4. To filter the list of offices displayed, use the Filterfield.

5. To confirm your selection, click on Save Changes.

6. Click on Back to Managing Viewto return to the Main List page.

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