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Serendipity Travel has been voted the top brand of KwaZulu Natal (a province in South Africa) at the 2017 Standard Bank KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Awards.

At the Award Ceremony, Standard Bank’s Imraan Noorbhai said, “We believe that Africa is the best place to do business. We are motivated by a deeply philanthropic purpose, which states that ‘Africa is our home, we drive her growth’. To realise this purpose, we need to make sure that we partner individuals, businesses, and communities across the continent to create shared prosperity.”

Serendipity Travel

We decided to chat to Dinesh Naidoo, group operations director for Serendipity Worldwide Travel.

​What does this award mean for Serendipity in KZN and in South Africa?

Considering the 600 brands entered this Competition across all sectors in the industry including media houses, we were very humbled and delighted to receive such a prestigious award.

What, according to you, is the secret of a successful brand like Serendipity?

There is a difference between advertising, marketing and branding but the secret is to be consistent in all 3 platforms.

What would be your advice to young and aspiring entrants in the travel industry? 

I would definitely encourage young people to join the travel industry and work their way up. To be successful in this industry, there is a lot of learning to be done. Young and aspiring entrants will only reap the benefits once they have gained industry knowledge.

What would you still like to achieve in the years to come? 

We would like to position ourselves as a travel service provider for the entire industry in different platforms, because in order to win and be successful in the future we need more collaboration among competitors to offer better products in the industry.

How is Serendipity using technology to stay relevant and to be innovative in the travel industry in South Africa?

We have built our own platforms in form of an ERP that is going to revolutionise the travel industry in the future.

What are some of your favourite Amadeus solutions and how have these solutions helped you grow your brand and travel agency? 

We love the re-issue facilities that Amadeus offers through Amadeus Ticket Changer.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? What are your hobbies?

Some of my hobbies are surfing the internet, reading, and finding new deals.

What is the one thing you would never travel without? 

I would never travel without my rife machine.

What are some of your favourite travel destinations? Why? 

India because of the culture and diversity. It will take a few lifetimes to see the entire destination. I do something different every time I go there.