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 By Brett Dyason, CFO Hepstar

Unless your clients need travel insurance to obtain a visa, you’ll probably have a hard time convincing them to take out a policy for their holidays. Why? More often than not, travellers fail to see the significance of it being a non-negotiable requirement.

However, travel agents have a lot to gain by putting in the extra effort and convincing their clients to take out travel insurance.

Aside from the obvious commission-based incentive for offering travel insurance to clients – you can earn up to 20% of the premium – a travel agent should inform its clients of travel risks and the means of preparing or protecting oneself against such risks.

A client that uses the services of a travel agent expects all aspects of their trip to be arranged without significant effort on the part of the client. Too often, we find clients scampering to obtain insurance for their visa applications because they have not been made aware of the insurance requirements.

The truth is that a client will associate their experience, whether positive or negative, with the services of the agent. Travel agents are not only a source of significant knowledge of the travel destination, but also the client’s travel itinerary or budget constraints.

Good news too is that Amadeus and Hepstar have completely simplified the process of purchasing travel insurance for travel agents. Hepstar’s recommendation engine offers relevant products for the traveller, removing the risk of the agent offering a product that is not suitable for the traveller. Our technology does all the thinking.

With Hepstar integrating their products into the Amadeus Insurance Hosting, travel agents will have numerous well-known insurance companies offering customised travel products at their fingertips. Travel insurance is an integral part of Selling Platform which means Agents will be able to add an insurance policy to a flight booking in one fell swoop and never leave the booking flow. Trip and traveller details are automatically pre-populated so no data needs to be entered twice, which saves time and effort for the agent.

Insurance bookings are also fully integrated into the Passenger Name Record (PNR) and back office systems, allowing for easy reporting and after-sales servicing.  These bookings will also contribute towards segments, assisting agencies to meet their targets while simultaneously earning commission.