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Amadeus EA organized a Security Workshop for top Agency owners on the 22nd September 2014, at the Capital Club in Nairobi. This event was attended by 25 top managers.

The purpose of this forum was to address Fraud and Pilferage within a business with the intention of adopting best management practice.

The key note speakers of the event were; Tobias Seda who is the General Manger for Adcare which is an independent data, managed services, NOC, security and intelligent buildings provider in the East African Region; Ian Gross who is the Head of Implementation AMBO for Amadeus IT group; Vinu Jacobs who is the General Manager for Information Dynamics and Robert Nyamu a Fraud Expert at Deloitte Consulting Kenya, which is an audit, consulting, financial advisory and tax firm.

The workshop kicked off with a brief introduction from Juan Torres, GM, Amadeus EAF, on the purpose of the forum and was followed by presentations from each of the speakers.


Robert Nyamu – Deloitte


The workshop was highly appreciated by the business owners as it addressed various aspects of fraud and pilferage which may occur or have already occurred in their organization. Ways to prevent them or identify fraud were a topic that was discussed at length.

Tobias Seda started with a presentation on IT Governance, explaining that IT governance frameworks will safeguard your company against an information or Data security breach. It can open doors as well for a business trying to be a driver for service experience and a good IT system, by encouraging a business in harmony with its overall business goals and policies.”


Vinu Jacobs - GM, Infodynamics


Ian Gross spoke on Operational and Financial Best Practices. He touched on common fraud experienced within the Travel Agencies such as Skimming, cash larceny, fictitious billing, cheque tampering, payroll- overtime not worked or ghost employees, theft of cash, theft of company property/assets or misuse of confidential customer information (incl. credit card data). He touched on how fraud can be understood as well and the best practices for tackling and handling fraud within an organization. He finished his presentation by highlighting the signs senior management should look for to detect fraud and some early warning signs they should be aware of regarding their employees.

Vinu Jacobs spoke on Travel Data and process security guidelines. He gave ways of managing and minimizing cash pilferage, managing data and information security and opportunity pilferages. He finished his presentation by highlighting business optimization strategies and controls to help minimize revenue loss.

Robert Nyamu, who was the final speaker, discussed how to manage Fraud effectively in the travel industry, with the catchphrase “Arrest it Early” ringing true. He introduced our partners to the three types of fraud that exist i.e.

  • Wrongdoing perpetrated by an individual acting alone where the principal benefit goes to the individual
  • Wrongdoing perpetrated by more than one individual acting collusively, where the principal benefit goes to individuals or the organisation
  • Wrongdoing perpetrated by an outsider against the organisation, where the principal benefit goes to the third party

He elaborated on managing and mitigating fraud risk, defining fraud risk factors as those events or conditions that indicate incentives/pressures to perpetrate fraud, opportunities to carry out the fraud, or attitudes/rationalizations to justify a fraudulent action. Fraud risk factors do not necessarily indicate the existence of fraud; however they often are present in circumstances where fraud exists. He then introduced the fraud risk triangle and gave explanations for each and how they occur.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.30.11 AM

Robert closed the day speaking of how risk is managed and mitigated, the impact of fraud, corruption & conflicts of interest, and how to conduct effective fraud investigations.


It was a helpful workshop and all attendees definitely learnt a couple of new and valuable tactics to fight fraud and corruption.