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Amadeus is commemorating its 30th anniversary this year, and one of our key learnings in looking back, is how far we’ve come by looking forwards – by looking ahead and anticipating industry and customer challenges, and building solutions and partnerships to address these challenges.

Looking to the future of the travel industry is something we invest in and have reported on extensively in our blog, however as part of our anniversary celebrations we also wanted to pay tribute to the rich history of our company as a connector in the travel industry. It’s important to know your past in order to shape your future.

Using the popular #ThrowbackThursday hashtag, we’ve been sharing some photos and milestones from the past. It’s touching to see how many of our followers remember the “green screen” with fondness or were part of our early years.

For younger generations, it’s apparently fascinating to see the size of computer screens in 1993 or paper tickets (#notOld). In case you’ve missed these or you’re not a follower on our social channels, here’s a collection of our #TBT. Stay tuned for more on our Facebook page every Thursday!

The Amadeus operations centre way back in 1993

The first Amadeus Passenger Name Record (PNR) is created in the central system

The is the sort of terminal and printer that allowed travel agents to access the system in the 90s