re-issue an e-ticket
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Re-issues are the bane of any travel agent’s life. One small mistake, and you could be facing a hefty ADM. With Amadeus Ticket Changer worries about the re-issue of an e-ticket are officially a thing of the past.

Our Amadeus experts unveil how travel agents can effortlessly and painlessly re-issue an e-ticket.

  1. Retrieve the PNR

To do this Enter
By Amadeus record locator RT YE95CC
By e-ticket number TWD/TK172-1234567890
and RT YE95CC or RT*E (to retrieve record locator from e-ticket display)
If the PNR was created in another GDS or has been purged by the system, you must create a new PNR with all mandatory PNR elements and enter the original ticket number manually. NM1ROBINSON/ROB MR; AP PAR +3349755512; RFMR ROBINSON; TKOK; FHE 172-1234567890


  1. Rebook itinerary, for example from an availability display.

 Book new itinerary, if the PNR has been purged. For example:


  1. Cancel the old flight segments, and the old TST (if required).

If you have created a new PNR go to step 4.



Note: If there is a partial change of the itinerary or a partial reissue/revalidation of a multi-passenger PNR, the old TST must be deleted first (TTE) before you can make an Amadeus Ticket Changer pricing entry.

  1. Reprice itinerary.

You can do this with Amadeus Ticket Changer Best Pricer Informative Pricing (without TST/TSM storage).


  • For other ATC pricing entries, refer to the cryptic help page by entering HE ATC > GP FXF.

Note: If a PNR contains multiple passengers and the ticket numbers are all passenger-associated, you can reprice the PNR for all passengers in one entry without specifying passenger/ticket number-association. You must, however, specify the passenger-association if not all the passengers/tickets in the PNR are reissued.

Note: To reprice a multi-passenger PNR, you can select each passenger by passenger number, passenger and ticket number, or by PNR FA/FH element line number.

Note: If a partially used ticket is reissued or revalidated, you must include a segment selection in your pricing entry. All unflown segments must be specified in the pricing entry.

  1. Store a confirmed pricing

You can store confirmed pricing with the Amadeus Ticket Changer Best Pricer confirmed pricing (with TST/TSM storage)


You can also enter segment association in your Amadeus Ticket Changer pricing entry, for example FXO/S4-5 or FXO/S3,6,8.

  • For other ATC pricing entries, refer to the cryptic help page by entering HE ATC > GP FXF.
  1. Reprice the PNR for e-tickets

To reprice a PNR with Amadeus Ticket Changer confirmed pricing for e-ticket:

FXQ/T# (for electronic ticket if FA/FHE line is on the PNR). If not, enter the ticket number, for example: FXQ/TKT 172-1234567890

  1. Reprice the PNR for paper tickets

To reprice a PNR with Amadeus Ticket Changer confirmed pricing for paper tickets:


FXQ Transaction Code
/T6 Slash, FA/FH element line number identifier (T) and FA/FH element Line Number (6)
*90C34 Asterisk, last two digits of the ticket number to be reissued or revalidated (90), coupon identifyer (c) and coupon numbers
to be reissued (3,4)
  • For additional information refer to the Amadeus Help Pages: HE FXQ
  1. Display the reissue TST (optional).


  1. Display the residual value and the penalty TSM, if there are any (optional).

TQM/M1 or TQM/M2

  1. Redisplay the PNR (enter RT)

  2. Cancel the old form of payment

Cancel the old form of payment of the original ticket, e.g. XE 11 (not required in a new PNR)

Enter the form of payment for the new ticket and for the TSMs (if there are any):

To do this Enter
For the new ticket, in the case of an additional collection (old and new FOP) FPO/CASH+/CASH
For the new ticket, in the case of a residual value (old FOP only) FPO/CASH
For the residual value TSM (old FOP) 4/FPO/CASH                (TSM-M for MCOs)
For the penalty TSM (new FOP) 5/FP CASH                   (TSM-M for MCOs)
TMI/M2/FP-CASH      (TSM-P for EMDs)


  1. Display the e-ticket record of the original ticket, for example: TWD/L7

  2. Issue the new e-ticket and the TSMs (penalty and residual value TSM, if there are any).

  • TTP (to issue e-ticket only)
  • TTM (to issue MCOs only)
  • For EMD issuance, you must use the combined TTP/TTM entry (not applicable in the U.S. market).
  • In the U.S. Market:
    • TTP/EXCH  (Ticket)
    • TTM/EXCH  (MCOs)

Note: If the ATR field in your office profile is set to 2, you must make the combined ticketing entry.

Note: Travel agents and non-Amadeus e-ticket server/central ticketing airlines must display the e-ticket record (TWD) of the original ticket first before issuing the new ticket.