Productivity Suite
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What if you could have a tool that would allow you to significantly reduce errors by helping you do even the most complex tasks in a matter of minutes without any mistakes?

By now, you probably know all about Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, a platform that allows you to work wherever you are, however you like.

But did you know we’ve also introduced a great feature that helps you tackle the most boring admin tasks through automation? No more mistakes! No more ADMs! And more time to spend doing what you love: creating seamless travel experiences for your clients.

Discover Amadeus Productivity Suite!

Imagine you’re making a booking to Nairobi for your client, but you’ve forgotten to add the service fee and the account number!  Productivity Suite’s clever Quality Monitor module sends you a handy, real-time reminder and offers to help. Crisis averted.

Not sure how much to charge for your service fee or how to format it? Productivity Suite to the rescue again! With a wizard-like system, Smart Flows will help guide you with ease to end up with the correct service fee, formatted perfectly.

You don’t even have to remember your clients’ lengthy account numbers anymore. With the help of smart flows, you can simply enter the customer’s name and the system adds the account number automatically!

Now let’s confirm that booking to Nairobi! But wait! Quality Monitor reminds you that APIS will be needed, requiring more than 15 separate bits of information, arranged in order and with the corresponding codes. Thanks to Smart Flows, all that info is loaded in just a few clicks.

These handy smart flows are prompted onto your system by Smart Triggers. Smart Triggers act like alarms, automatically launching Smart Flows when triggered by commands during the booking flow.

Still worried that you might have forgotten something?  In comes the File Finishing tool. This tool runs without any user intervention at the completion of bookings to include any additional elements you might have overlooked such as a reminder to your customers that you also offer visa services and travel insurance services.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? What are you waiting for: find out more about Productivity Suite here.