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There’s nothing that incites my road rage quite like the soothing (not) voice of my GPS app telling me to perform a U-turn. She has led me down the garden path more times than I care to remember, bellowed at me for taking a wrong turn and cracked me up with the robotic pronunciation of locations that clearly elude the average Brit or American, but I simply couldn’t do without her.

And it would seem neither can most African travellers, who cite map and direction mobile apps as their preferred travel app to download, according to recent research commissioned by Amadeus and run by strategy consultancy, Inquisition.

The Africa mobile travel research explored existing mobile usage behaviour within the travel experience across the African continent. Over 2,500 people were surveyed through mobile phones across seven countries: Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa. These were people who had travelled up to 12 months prior to the study and in the 18 to 44 age bracket.

At least a third of African travellers we polled said they had installed travel apps on their mobile phones, most of whom also favoured local travel guides, apps providing information on local hotel, restaurants and cafes, and general travel tools including currency and weather.

Of least interest appeared to be travel supplier applications like airlines and hotels, and travel itinerary management tools.

And finally, what inspires them to download an app? Well, in line with global trends, social media first and foremost, followed by App stores and recommendations from friends and family.