Travel Agents
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Business is at its toughest for small to medium-size companies. Technology has made it easier for new entrants to compete and clients demand immediate results. With time management and productivity crucial, businesses can avoid unnecessary spending by enlisting the help of a travel management expert.

Every cent spent getting it wrong, or just not as seamless as the experience should be, is a cent directly out of your pocket.

Here are nine reasons to trust a travel agent with your travel needs:

1. Travel in the tech era is complicated.
Business travel grows more complex by the minute. Not only have airlines changed how they package and bundle fares, but the surge in new hotel properties, booking Apps and travel disruptors are changing the market daily. It is not always easy to identify which options are best for a small business. A travel consultant worth its salt keeps up with trends and changes in the industry and will be able to offer you the best travel solution that is suited to your business.

2. Travel agents save you money…
SMEs can see a big improvement on their bottom line by making small changes. A A travel agent will present and run an optimal travel programme that is tailored to the needs of the business. Travel consultants also leverage their relationships with the travel industry and negotiate deals that provide the best value.

3. … And they save you time.
Travel management isn’t as simple as booking a return flight between two cities. Nor is it just about getting the best deal. A travel agent knows how to navigate the minefield of rules that govern business travel, including visas, flight changes, early check-ins, rental requirements and a company’s Duty of Care responsibilities. They also know how to do the job in the least amount of time.

4. There’s no do-over for SME business trips.
Time spent on business trips is critical. Travel consultants save a business time, so employees can focus on their work, not researching flights that are within budget. They make sure everything runs smoothly before and during the trip and are there in cases of emergency.

5. Travel agents are plugged in.
Is where you’re going safe? How will things such as Brexit change immigration rules? Delays at the visa office? Has an airline just cancelled its flights? A Travel Consultant knows when and how external factors will affect your travel plans and the best way to make alternative arrangements.

6. They are problem solvers.
It’s inevitable that your travel plans will go awry at some point. Which business traveller hasn’t had a flight cancelled or delayed? A TMC is on hand to find solutions to travel emergencies big and small. When Harry, your accountant, is stranded in an airport because of an ash cloud and you need him back in the office as quickly as possible and to keep him happy, your travel consultant can do the rescuing – you can’t.

7. They help you prepare
A travel consultant can also help companies prevent most travel mishaps. “Having a travel agent define a clear corporate travel policy is important to help to reduce travel costs, streamline travel management and achieve the greatest ROI for a business’ travel spend. A travel agent can also provide you with reporting so you have oversight of what you’re spending on travel.

8. Travel consultants can offer something extra, something personalised.
A travel consultant’s relationships can often result in special benefits, and they can organise bleisure (and leisure) trips for employees.

9. Leave it to the professionals.
You own a pair of scissors, but would you cut your own hair? Trust your travel agent to book your travel, manage your spend, and keep travelling staff safe and happy.