Airline Distribution
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Top airline dignitaries, CEOs and travel industry players gathered in Lagos, Nigeria, from 17 to 18 May to attend the Airline Distribution Solutions Showcase. During this highly successful event, aviation leaders discussed industry trends as well as challenges and opportunities within the travel sector.

Amadeus General Manager for Nigeria and Ghana Yann Gilbert and Amadeus Regional Head Airline Sales & Account Management Pierre-Louis Chouette opened the conference with a brief welcome and introduction. They shared their vision of the future of the travel industry in Africa, emphasising how the GDS has a major role to play in airline expansion through business intelligence and personalisation.


In the session ‘Maximise and optimise the Value of Distribution’, Giorgio Frignati, Amadeus Senior Sales Engineer, gave a comprehensive overview of the latest solutions Amadeus is offering airlines in terms of route planning and fare filing, as well solutions that enable airlines to efficiently distribute availability to Amadeus subscribers.

“These technologies go a long way in improving the relationship between airlines and travel agents,” Giorgio Frignati explained, adding that Amadeus solutions helped industry players tackle the most important airline business challenges. He highlighted how Amadeus Ticket Changer simplified the refund process, whereas Amadeus Service Changer reduced manual inputs and errors.

Interactive sessions were organised during the day to allow participants to interact in small groups with Amadeus products experts. Three products or solutions were showcased:

1. Travel Intelligence Solutions: To monitor your own performance, manage disruptions and operations, and identify your competition.

2. Amadeus Media Solutions: To increase and protect market share in strategic routes through promotion of products and services via the Amadeus System

3. The Electronic Ticketing Direction Solutions: To help manage sales effectively, reduce the cost of passives, and generate more revenues.

A round-table discussion was organised by Adedoyin Omoniyi-Ojo, Amadeus Airline Support Manager Nigeria to explain what airlines need to have in place to collaborate with Amadeus.

Travel agents and airlines had high praise for Amadeus during the conference, saying Amadeus’ solutions had helped streamline their businesses.

Richard Kyereh, Head of Commercial of Africa World Airlines, explained how Amadeus has helped Africa World Airlines grow and encouraged everyone to continue with Amadeus.

Founder and Managing Director of online travel agency Wakanow, Nigeria, Obinna Ekezie gave a speech on how the GDS plays a crucial role in the travel industry. Not only is the GDS vital for airlines, it also significantly reduces fraud in the way tickets are being issued, he said. He advised that airlines should not focus on the cost that comes with the GDS, but instead recognise the benefits the GDS will generate for their business.

The meeting officially ended with Andrea Di Trapani, Amadeus Airline Account Manager Madrid, who summed up the information discussed on Amadeus’ products, its services and its offers for airlines. He provided contact details for all airline-related questions and issues.

Among the airlines present at the conference were Green Africa Airways, Jet West Airways, Emirates, Dana Air, Eagle Airways, Air Peace, Africa World Airlines, Rentair, Medview and Azman Air.