Africa Heritage Day
Africa Heritage Day
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This week, South Africa has celebrated Heritage Day, a day during which all are encouraged to celebrate their cultural traditions in the wider context of the great diversity of cultures, beliefs, and traditions that make up the nation of South Africa.

We asked travel agents what they loved most about their country and their continent, which were their favourite dishes and which destination in Africa they loved the most.

From bobotie to Wayde Van Niekerk, here’s what South Africans love the most about Africa on Heritage Day:

Harvey World Travel

Monica Horn – Product Manager Harvey World Travel Franchise Support Team

Monica Horn

I love Africa for our cultural diversity and friendliness of our people as well as the majestic beauty of the continent. For the most part, Africans are warm spirited and humble people.

My favourite SA dish is bobotie and I have to say that my vote for “most beautiful place in South Africa” is one that I’ve only recently managed to experience – The Karoo. Immense peace and tranquillity, untouched nature, as well as communities who support each other in business. Awesome destination!

Club Travel


Rosebank Club Travel Team on Heritage Day

Wally Gaynor – Club Travel Managing Director



Heritage Day is a reminder of how far South Africa has come and with that comes the hope that the country can get on the right track.

Favourite SA destination? Matjiesfontein


Natasha Pottier – Club Travel Accounts Administrator

 What makes me proud to be African this Heritage Day?  Wayde Van Niekerk! And, the fact that achieving your dreams is possible no matter what your circumstances when you live in Africa.



Tamsyn De Carvalho – Club Travel Product Developer

What makes you proud to be African this Heritage Day?  I remember a European standing in Cape Town looking over Table Mountain almost crying saying how beautiful our country was. So, I asked: “You are from Europe, there is beauty there?” His response was: “This is a natural beauty, we have man made beauty.”

There is a lot to love about South Africa. Where else in the world do you have the Big 5? Where else will you find the Afrikaner hospitality by rounding a braai with a beer in your hand with the words Kief, lekker, shweet, followed by pap en sous?

Where else will you find our thunderstorms, Bunny chows from Durban, Table Mountain in the Mother City, taxis with bass sounds & terrible driving skills, wine from some of the best vineyards in Cape Town?

Let’s not forget Ms Balls Chutney. Whether you want it on a hotdog, in a potjiekos or stew, it’s everywhere.

And of course, Nelson Mandela! He is known as one of the biggest Icons the world has seen.

All this sums up why we should be proud to be South African.

Any country that has their own National Braai Day is a winner and that is why I’m proud to be South African.

Favourite SA dishes: Potjiekos & Malva pudding

Favourite SA destination: Garden Route

Luana Visagie – Club Travel Marketing Manager

What makes you proud to be African this Heritage Day?

I love being South African and am very proud to say that I am an African.  So many diverse cultures, different languages, varied cuisines and welcoming villages, towns and cities but yet, none of these are left out when we celebrate our heritage on 24 September!

Favourite SA dishes: Everything that goes into a very good South African braai… a bottle of Waterford Pecan Stream Sauvignon Blanc and braaied marshmallows included!

Favourite SA destination: Knysna


Lydia Harper – Travel Planner

I am proud to be an South African in 2017 because we are a resilient people.

Political storms and controversies, droughts and floods, our sports teams that put us to shame. Through it all, we are hopeful and optimistic.

We greet the day, knowing that we will make it through with a song in hearts and dance in our step.

Over and above that, we have much cause to celebrate. From the first heart transplant, to the Kreepy Krauly to one of our favourite sons winning an Emmy.

Let’s not forget that South Africa seems to be the safest place to be right now. No earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis!

That is why I am proud to be a South  African in 2017.

Siobhan Beyers – Shop Manager

Why I’m proud to be a South African in 2017? When there is a crisis (fire/medical etc), everyone pulls together to support and help however they can. This makes me a proud South African.

Favourite SA dish? Lamb chops, Braai broodjie and paptert followed by a lovely amarula dom pedro

Favourite destination? Favourite destination is tough as we have so much beauty around us, but let’s say the Whole of the Western Cape.

Thompsons Travel

CPT Team

What makes us proud of Africa?

Our diversity!

Our favourite dishes?

Starter: Braai “Broedjies”

Main: “Pap en vleis”

Pudding: Milk tart

Our favourite destination?

Our mother city – Cape Town of course!