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eTravel recently hosted its annual Open Forum, where the consortium celebrated its best performing ITCs and travel agents.

During this prestigious event, Amadeus rewarded eTravel’s top 3 Amadeus ITCs.

We chatted to the top Amadeus ITCs to hear all the good things they have to say about Amadeus. From Masterpricer to FXQ entries and Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, these agents absolutely love Amadeus’ solutions.

Sandra Meyer – Time 2 Travel

“No two days are ever the same. I love creating great experiences for clients. I love the look of pure joy on clients faces when their trip was beyond all expectation,” says eTravel’s top Amadeus ITC Sandra Meyer about her career as a travel agent.

What this Knysna-based consultant loves most about Amadeus is the constant innovation. “Amadeus is constantly reinventing and improving its product, making our lives easier.”

For Sandra, ticket changer is the ‘best solution ever’, but also Masterpricer, All Fares Plus and Communicator are solutions that have helped Sandra become more productive. “Masterpricer sources fares for all types of routing and convert to bookings instantaneously, while Communicator sends out personalised documents to clients, which is a great help for quotes.”

Sandra adds Amadeus is so much more than just the sum of its products. “The Amadeus help desk team is super-efficient, extremely helpful, friendly and ever so patient.”

Sarah Wilson – SW Travel 

“Amadeus is our favourite GDS,” says runner-up Sarah Wilson of SW Travel. Sarah explains she has been using Amadeus for almost 12 years. “Amadeus has so much to offer, constantly bringing out new features to make our job easier.”

The FXQ entry for re-issues is Sarah’s favourite solution on Amadeus, an entry that she calls ‘a life-saver’. But, like Sandra, Sarah also comments the Help Desk. “The Help Desk is always available at the drop of a hat. I have always experienced a fantastic service with a great turnaround time,” she says.

Jashika Komal – A to Z travel

 For A to Z Travel’s Jashika Komal being a travel agent is simply the best job in the world. “Each day brings with it a new destination, a new challenge, a new client, a new innovation, a new competitor – a new dawn!” she says.

Amadeus is a trusted partner for Jashika in her career. “Amadeus makes life SO easy. Everything at the click of a button, and of course… no more manual fare builds! From issues in exchange, to the help pages, to e-support – Amadeus is very customer driven and I love all the new innovation.”

Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is a revelation of Jashika that will transform the travel industry. She says: “I am so excited about Amadeus connect. Just imagine, I am out at the shops and my client calls me – no need to abort my shopping and rush home – just whip out my laptop or phone and do the necessary. What an absolute pleasure, and an absolute gem for a ITC.”