Tom Liangman
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Amadeus Technical Product Manager Tom Liangman compares his role at Amadeus to that of a mathematician. “I solve problems,” he explains. “Every day at Amadeus I’m faced with another equation to solve. I need to apply the right formula to the right product, just like a mathematician would do with a complex equation.”

Super Power – Amadeus Productivity Suite, ATAN

Started at Amadeus – 2014

 Hobbies – Taking photographs and travelling

After gaining experience in the travel industry as the marketing representative for Thai International Airways in South Africa, Tom started a very successful career at Amadeus in 2014.

“I was drawn by the challenge and the innovative technology at Amadeus,” he explains. “Here, I feel I get to learn something new every day. I love the fact that’s it’s such a dynamic and unique work environment. I’m never bored, Amadeus keeps me on my toes at all times.”

As a Technical Product Manager, Tom spends his time with the delivery team at Amadeus Southern Africa. “It can be challenging to deliver complex new products to customers, but I thrive on the challenge,” he says. “I love the complexity of the solutions we offer. Take Productivity Suite for example, it requires writing quite a lot of code to adapt the solution to each individual client. I love writing code and delving into the more complex side of the solutions.”

Tom Liangman

Although Tom is always working and hardly has time for hobbies, he admits he loves to travel and take photos. “I’m a photographer at heart,” he laughs. “When I have a bit of free time, I like to go outside and take photos.”

Tom’s favourite holiday destination is Paris. “I love Paris: it has the latest fashion, it’s historical and it’s romantic,” he says, adding that Bangkok is also at the top of his list of favourite destinations. “Even though I’m a local South African now, I’m originally from Bangkok. This active city that never stops will always have a special place in my heart.”