Elly Kwasi
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“There’s never a dull day.”  This is how Kenya-based Product and Solutions Specialist Elly Kwasi describes working at Amadeus. As part of his job, Elly handles all e-commerce-related issues from online solutions to web services and mobile solutions.

Superpower – Amadeus Corporate Travel

Started at Amadeus – November 2012

Hobbies – Play touch rugby, reading

Coming from a telecommunications background, Elly joined Amadeus at the end of 2012. “I made the move at a time that I was ready for a career change,” he says, adding that he was especially attracted to Amadeus’ global environment. “At Amadeus, you get to experience a lot of different work ethics: there are the Americans on one side, the Europeans on the other side and the Africans on our side. It’s a fully global environment.”

Elly only started specialising in e-commerce at the beginning of this year. He says: “Although it’s a totally new role for me and I don’t have any official background in IT, I learn a lot of things as I take them on. This new role offers me a lot of opportunities in terms of growth and in terms of knowledge.”

Being new to the role, Elly explains every day is a steep learning curve. “There are still so many things to learn: every day I discover things I didn’t know. When I don’t know the answer, I find myself going back to the drawing board to ask questions. The good thing at Amadeus is that a lot of people are keen to help you as long as you ask the right person the right questions,” he laughs.

Elly explains his days are quite unpredictable. Although he’s strict about drawing up a to-do list at the beginning of every week, he admits there are weeks he doesn’t get to cross off many tasks on his list. “Something always comes up. You know, in the corporate world, everything is always urgent.”

Elly’s favourite solution is Amadeus Corporate Travel, a self-booking tool for the corporates. “I’ve been able to grow with one of my clients using this solution,” he explains. “It started slowly by doing basic presentations and getting the client’s corporate onboard. We were able to implement the solution step by step and grow with it.”

Elly explains Amadeus Corporate Travel is a new solution for the corporates, which is why it’s important not to rush things. “There’s always an element of fear with new solutions. We need to take into consideration the age brackets at companies: a lot of the older employees tend to resist new technology. However, although it’s been a slow process, we’re slowly getting the buy-in of the whole organisation.”

When Elly is not working, he likes to spend time with his family, play Touch rugby (I can’t take the hits anymore) or read a good book. He also thoroughly enjoys travelling with his favourite destination in Africa being Diani in Kenya. “Diani has one of the whitest beaches you’ll ever see in your life,” he says. Elly also likes to travel to Ghana, a destination he says has the friendliest people in Africa. However, if there’s one place everyone should see at least once in a lifetime, Elly votes for Cape Town in South Africa.