Senghor Badji
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Senghor Badji is passionate about training travel agents in Africa. Although he traded in his freelance trainer role for a more permanent position as Senior Account Manager, Senghor admits he is always keen to help travel agents with tips and advice.

Superpower – Customer Profile / Master Pricer Expert / ATC

Started at Amadeus – 2011

Hobbies – Spending time with his family, travelling and Tai Chi

Senghor started working at Amadeus in Dakar in 2011 as a freelance trainer, a position he thoroughly enjoyed. However, when a permanent job as Senior Account Manager opened up in Cameroon, Senghor decided to take the leap and move countries with his family in tow.

“Although we were all excited about this new adventure, it was quite a culture shock for my entire family. The cultures of Cameroon and Senegal are very different, which made the change quite difficult in the beginning. Now, we’ve all adapted to our new lives, and especially my children are very happy in their new country.”

Senghor loves his job as a senior account manager but admits that training will always be where his heart is. “When I go on a sales visit to travel agents in the region, I can’t resist sharing advice and tips on the different products. It’s in my blood,” he laughs.

Since this year, Senghor has received the added role of ‘Training Manager’ for Central Africa. This new role allows Senghor to share his knowledge with other trainers in the region. “I love exchanging ideas with people from different cultures, sharing my knowledge and also learning from other people. As a trainer, it’s crucial to continue to upskill and to be open to learning constantly.”

The greatest challenge about his job at Amadeus is the need to constantly question everything, even himself, says Senghor. “It’s important to never fall into the trap of routine and continue to question everything,” he tells us.

As a trainer, Senghor has a wealth of knowledge about a great number of Amadeus products, but his favourite three products are Customer Profile, Master Pricer Expert, and Ticket Changer.

“I’m passionate about Customer Profiles because it highlights a very different part of the travel agency problematic,” says Senghor. “Customer Profiles is not so much about the day-to-day challenges, but more about the management of a travel agency and about how to better manage the client relationships.”

Master Pricer Expert is a product Senghor fell in love with when he joined Amadeus in 2011. He explains that the fact that travel agents can find the best price in a matter of seconds is simply amazing.

Lastly, Amadeus Ticket Changer is a product that has revolutionised the way travel agents work, according to Senghor. He says: “Reissues have always been a difficult manual process that can take agents up to 15 minutes. Thanks to ATC, this process can now be done in less than a minute.”

For his work, Senghor often travels around the region and he has experienced many adventures during his travels from having to cross rivers to arrive at the airport to training people in the strangest conditions.

“Did you know that it can take you up to six hours to get to the airport of Freetown (capital of Sierra Leone) from the city centre?” he asks. “The reason is simple: you have to cross the river to get to the airport! I didn’t take that into account the first time I travelled there.”

The first time Senghor travelled to Freetown, he had to hop on a speedboat to cross the river. He arrived at the airport soaking wet and was told by the airline he was considered a ‘no show’ because he was a few minutes late. Luckily he managed to convince the airline staff to reopen the flight and get home safely.