Ruheena Jiwa Shah
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If there’s one face or voice at Amadeus that the Kenyan travel industry knows it’s that of Ruheena Jiwa Shah, Amadeus’ Delivery Specialist and Trainer.

At the heart of customer services at Amadeus Kenya, Ruheena spends her days with customers training them or working on new solutions or she helps in getting these solutions deployed. Always happy to assist clients with any questions about product and solutions, she shares with us the funniest question she ever received. “When a customer called to ask me to speak to the airline to hold the flight for their traveller who was running late for their flight,” she laughs.

Super Power – Amadeus Link

Started at Amadeus – 2013

Hobbies – Playing the drums, Zumba, travelling

Ruheena explains that although Amadeus Link is her favourite solution for the moment, she wouldn’t call herself an expert of just one solution.

“My favourite solution at the moment is Amadeus Link because it helps the small agencies in invoicing and receipting payments. However, being in the delivery team, the most fascinating part of my job is learning new solutions and having a chance to deploy and implement it to our customers. I try and make it my goals to learn and practice each solution deployed in our Market.”

“Fun, exhilarating and enjoyable” is how Ruheena would describe working for Amadeus. She tells us the greatest opportunity her role at Amadeus brings her is that she gets a chance to learn something new every day. “This makes waking up and coming to work worth it every single day,” she smiles.

When Ruheena is not at work, she is either playing the drums, shaking a leg in a Zumba class or going on short getaways around Kenya. “I love travelling to Diani in particular. I love the simplicity of Diani – the people and the standards of living are not complicated as other places I have visited. The people there love their simple life and they’re happy,” she says.

Ruheena herself is also a happy and bubbly person. When asked to describe herself, she says: “I am fun-loving and witty person who lives each and every part of my life as my last as I believe life is too short.”