Lindsay Palmer
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“Amadeus Ticket Changer is my baby,” Lindsay Palmer, Business Line Manager at Amadeus IT Group, says proudly. “This solution has been a game changer in the agents’ worlds”

Lindsay explains Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) is an innovate solution that has managed to take an often frustrating and manual process and turn it into a seamless and hassle-free experience. “I started in the Travel industry in 1994 when paper tickets still existed. Reissues were a difficult manual process that could take agents up to 20 minutes to exchange one ticket. At that time, the idea that a system would be able to reissue tickets automatically AND with a guarantee was impossible to imagine, but we live in this reality today.”

Superpower’s – Amadeus Ticket Changer, Selling Platform Connect

Started at Amadeus – 2005

Hobbies –Reading, travel photography and writing

Initially, Lindsay explains ATC didn’t work seamlessly in the South African market as a result of procedural issues with local airlines. “I have been on a long two-and-a-half-year journey to find the right solution that will ensure ATC works seamlessly across all airlines. It’s an extremely rewarding journey to find the answers and to be able to make a difference to your market.”

Finding solutions to difficult problems has always been what makes Lindsay tick, even prior to her career at Amadeus. She worked at companies such as SAA, BA, and Pentravel, and travelled to the US and China. However, it was at Amadeus that she truly ‘found her feet’ when she started at customer services, a department Lindsay still refers to as ‘the heart of Amadeus’.

“I never used to stay in a job for longer than two or three years before getting horribly bored. I’ve been at Amadeus now for over thirteen years, which is a clear testimony to the fact that it’s not been boring at all,” she laughs. “At Amadeus, anything can happen. You can have a quiet, calm day or have the biggest crisis. And you are always learning something new. That’s what kept me here for over 13 years: there is no normal.”

Lindsay has been in the Delivery department for over three years in a role she thoroughly enjoys. “I love being able to work with a closely knitted international community. I have found one of the most rewarding parts of my job is that I now have access to the global stage and I’m able to see how Southern Africa performs from a global point of view.”

Although challenging, Lindsay explains she thoroughly enjoys connecting with experts globally to find solutions to specific problems. “I love the fact that you can’t do it on your own, you need to connect with people from different countries and cultures to find the answer to the challenges you are presented with. The team around me is also truly amazing: no matter how stressful things get; my colleagues have a great sense of humour and make most day’s fun.”

When Lindsay is not at work, she loves reading, an activity she doesn’t describe as a hobby, but rather as ‘an introvert’s survival’. She’s also an avid writer and hopes to one day write her own novel.

Travel photography is another of Lindsay’s talents and one she puts to good use on her many work travels. Her favourite African destinations to photograph are Kenya, Namibia and the Chobe National Park in Zambia.

Lindsay has numerous travel anecdotes to share, most of them involving train or subway trips. “It was never a conscious choice, but I have travelled across the USA (width and length), Europe (Nice to Vienna) and China by train and found it takes travel to a new level of adventure – you meet people and experience scenery that take your breath away”. Ironically the hairiest situation was getting lost on the New York subway.

“I wanted to go to the World Trade Centre, but somehow ended up in the far end of Queens. Having watched CSI New York, I got a bit stressed. However, I took a deep breath and simply changed directions. When I finally decided to get off the train and into the streets to see where I had ended up, I was relieved to find myself a couple of blocks from the right place.”