Lesiba Malapane
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As technical product manager in South Africa, Lesiba Malapane is an expert in products such as Amadeus Security Management, also known as LSS, as well as on Site Manager.

Lesiba explains both LSS and Site Manager are at the heart of security evolution and compliance at Amadeus. “I work in a department where we roll out new products, new releases, and new features. That means I need to be able to adapt and be flexible at all times, ready to learn new things,” he says.

Lesiba adds he finds the power these tools hold fascinating. “You have the power to do a lot of good things for the market. On the other hand: with power comes responsibility. One mistake, and you can switch off an entire market,” he explains.

Super Power – Amadeus Security Management

Started at Amadeus – 2010

Hobbies – Soccer, cricket, keeping up with current affairs

Lesiba worked his way up the ladder at Amadeus. He started as a night-time helpdesk consultant in 2010.

“I either started my shift at 6pm until 1am, or I took the next shift from 1 am. These were difficult hours, but on the other hand, working during the night gave me a lot of time to study and upskill. It wasn’t long before I was asked to work the day shift, and then I was promoted to solutions expert.”

Before starting at Amadeus in 2010, Lesiba worked two years in Nigeria. “For a South African, never having travelled to other African countries, I entertained a lot of stereotypes. So, the experience was an eye-opener, but I enjoyed it. It gave me a lot of strength to learn to adapt to new situations and to learn to fit into a new culture.”

Even today, Lesiba enjoys working with other cultures, which he sees as the biggest opportunity Amadeus offers. “I’m working with other Amadeus offices around the world and with people across the globe who perform the same role as me. There’s a great collaboration and a sharing of skills with other markets.”

Working in an IT-dominated industry, Lesiba also enjoys the constant innovation. He says: “You have to always come up with new things. You have to keep moving and can’t afford to be idle. You have to familiarise yourself with what’s coming, keep learning and keep moving in this fast-paced industry.”

There is no typical day at Amadeus, Lesiba tells us. “The only thing you can count on is that things tend to not go ‘as designed’,” he laughs. “With Amadeus products, we are focused on the fact that everything needs to work according to the ‘design’ of the product. But, in my role, there is a lot of troubleshooting. If something is not working, someone is losing money somewhere, so we need to act quick, find a solution and make sure it never happens again.”

This father of two loves spending time with his children, aged 10 and ‘almost two’. As a soccer fanatic, he enjoys a game of soccer or even cricket. Travelling is also high on his list of hobbies, with his favourite destination being Thailand. “Thailand never sleeps. At 11pm, you can walk around the flea markets in complete safety. I love that about this destination.”