Adebayo Ojikutu
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At Amadeus since 2010, Product and Solutions Executive Adebayo Ojikutu is knowledgeable on a vast number of Amadeus products under the Business Management Platform (BMP). He can be called an expert on Remote Ticketing Solution (RTS), Amadeus Link and Amadeus Security Management (ASM).

Despite his varied expertise, he tells us he has no ‘favourite’ Amadeus product or tool. “I don’t have a favourite tool: each tool is unique and serves its own purpose. Every tool fulfills a specific action or responds to a client’s need. This makes every tool important and useful,” he says.

Super Power – Business Management Platform

Started at Amadeus – 2010

Hobbies – Reading, playing online games

Adebayo explains he finds it very rewarding to see how the tools and products he implements make his customers’ lives easier. He cites an example with Amadeus Link, a light mid-office tool, which has given travel agency managers a lot more freedom.

Says Adebayo: “Travel agencies and customers issue tickets, refunds and re-issues. Amadeus Link is used to track the progress of each of these tickets or documents that have been issued and re-issued. All this is done remotely: there’s no need to stay in the office and stay glued to the server to see what’s happening. That means an office manager can have a real-time view of what’s happening at the office without being physically present.”

But Amadeus offers a lot more opportunities still, according to Adebayo. The greatest opportunity for Adebayo is to be able to learn new things. “When you’re working at Amadeus, you can wake up one day and find that you’ve been assigned to a completely new project where you’ll have to learn as quickly as possible. Although this can be challenging, it’s also a huge opportunity to learn new ways to work. Every challenge presents an opportunity.”

A typical day for Adebayo means getting up early, braving the Lagos traffic to get to the office and handle customer requests. “Before you know it, it’s 5 o’clock again,” he laughs. “There’s never a dull day as each day is filled with its own challenges and opportunities. That’s why if I would describe Amadeus in three words, I would say it is challenging, rewarding and interesting!”

The most fascinating part of Adebayo’s job is meeting new people, solving customer problems as soon as they arise and working with new tools. “It really motivates me to wake up in the morning and get to work,” he says.

Although Adebayo doesn’t often travel for work, he loves exploring the African continent. His three favourite destinations in Africa are Johannesburg, Nairobi and Accra. He says: “I love the coolness of Johannesburg during the winter months of July and August. I love the welcoming people of Nairobi, and of course, I love our neighbours in Accra.”

Adebayo has big ambitions for the future as is currently developing his expertise in information security. “It’s tough to say where I’ll be in a couple of years’ time,” he laughs, but adds that wherever he’ll be, he’ll make sure to “serve customers by providing them with solutions, and in general make customers happy.”