Thierry Parent
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A jack of all trades, Thierry Parent loves his career at Amadeus, where he has been working for the past four years, currently as Solutions Manager. He describes the company as ‘open,  dynamic and connected’.

Superpower – Jack of All Trades

Started at Amadeus – 2014

Hobby – Cycling

“As Solutions Manager at Amadeus, I get a brief understanding of all the Amadeus products in my portfolio. If I need more details on a specific product, I know exactly who to speak to. That’s the beauty of my job: I bring people together to resolve issues,” he says.

It’s especially the human element that keeps his job interesting, according to Thierry. He explains his career involves dealing with software issues as well as encouraging collaboration among the team and the customers.

“Software problems are not always very interesting as they tend to be very mundane. It’s the people aspect of my job that varies and makes it interesting as well as challenging,” he says.

The biggest opportunity his job brings him is the diversity it offers. “At Amadeus, you have a lot of opportunities, such as travelling, being able to switch departments and jobs, and even switching countries and cultures.”

Travelling is without a doubt one of Thierry’s favourite pastimes. His three favourite destinations in Africa are the Namib Desert, Cape Town and Lagos.

“The Namib Desert is a beautifully coloured desert: rich, varied and impossibly clean. The solitude of the desert resonates with my default state of mind.”

“In Cape Town, the wine, mountains, history and wealth of plants never cease to amaze me. I love walking through Kirstenbosch or going for a wine-tasting in Franschhoek.”

“Lagos surprised and amazed me. I was in Lagos on a work assignment and was welcomed by police escorts and major security, which made me think I was in danger. However, the truth of the destination was revealed while going out at night with a colleague: places were safe, people were great and the food was amazing – everyone should try Soyu.”

When he’s not travelling, Thierry likes to play board games and card games and is an avid fan of sci-fi movies. Athletic by nature, cycling is also high on Thierry’s list of hobbies and he cycles to work every day.