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Juan Torres is the General Manager of Amadeus East Africa and on a recent trip we chatted about future developments allowing the travel industry to grow in Africa. His insights and thoughts can be read below and don’t forget to watch the video.

What is your full name and what ACO are you in charge of? My name is Juan Torres and I’m in charge of Amadeus East Africa.

Tell us about your ACO, where are you based and what countries are included in your ACO? The East African team consists of 33 team members; in total we are responsible for 12 countries. In the region, we have three main offices – the regional headquarters in Nairobi with other offices in Dar es Salaam and another office in Kampala.

How would you describe your life at Amadeus in three words? Dynamic, exciting and intellectually rewarding.

How do you see innovation in travel across the African continent? Over and above technological innovations, I’m seeing innovations around business models and the way travel agencies are operating.

Thinking about your market, what excites you about future developments over the next 3 to 5 years? There are three main areas, which I believe will grow in the next few years. The first area is online and mobile bookings, secondly the industry is producing a lot of data, developments in data storage and sorting will provide travel agents with the necessary tools to be more efficient. The final development is the growing telecommunications structures that governments in my region are putting into place.

Which single development would or could have the most influence in your area? I believe that mobile will change and shape the future of travel in East Africa.

What opportunities exist to improve the travel experience in your area? Travellers need more power and security when they travel, mobile will improve this entire experience.

Watch the interview with Juan here.