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This month, we are shining the spotlight on Amadeus Uganda. Meet Fionah Atim our Finance Administrator and Sales Executive. Fionah is committed to constant growth and learning. A results oriented person, she likes to face challenges head-on. Whilst she is a total optimist she prefers to be realistic about situations.

One thing that pleasantly surprised you about working in this industry?

The current technology breakthroughs that have shortened the long tedious processes of travel that was there before.

Favourite Amadeus solution?

I have two favourite solutions: Remote Ticketing Solution (RTS) and Queue Manager (Price Scanner).

RTS : A fully automated platform for business organization of interaction between IATA agency (Consolidator) and non-IATA point of sale (Subagent)

Queue Manager: Works behind the scenes to give you a smooth new way of automatically sorting, filtering and categorising your PNRs for simple and fast processing.

Why would you recommend these solutions?

Both solutions are efficient – time effective and profit oriented for the travel agents. Two things that are key from a finance perspective.

The one gadget you cannot live without?

My phone because it has all the essentials that I need such as Email, Twitter, Google, Linked In, Music, Instagram and more. All these apps keep me up to date with information as well as keep me entertained.

If you could create any gadget or app what would it do / be?

A feedback survey app. This would capture customer feedback through a quiz in travel packages. This is an interesting way of keeping customers’ concerns at the heart of Amadeus. Also keeping them informed and entertained about the products and services offered by Amadeus.

You work in an industry that is all about connecting people. How do you make a lasting first impression?

First of all, I am always myself when I meet new people. I am usually interactive and precise. Use practical examples and ideas about the industry plus I also crack a few jokes so it’s less intense. I endeavour to listen more and view issues from people’s perspective so as to offer them solutions or advice as a travel consultant about how to meet their needs and overcome challenges.

What’s the key to ensuring that Amadeus clients and the travel industry continue to look to Amadeus as the industry leader?

Introducing more products and solutions according to the customer trends and behaviour, invest in relevant technologies that will support and build the Amadeus Brand as the Best Global Distribution System and then build a good and close relationship with the clients.

And finally, how do you stay innovative and engaging within your role?

I always talk to people (internal and external) to get their views and perceptions about the different GDS’, read about the different products and solutions and see how best to I can get people to use them.

I take time to research about different aspects of the products and solutions making reference to customer feedback I get while in the field. This facilitates me in coming up with my approaches to clients/customers and to suggest ideas to my superiors – reporting lines.