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Responsible for Amadeus’ key accounts in Nigeria, Account Manager Adebowale Adegbenjo is passionate about his clients and about Amadeus. He shares a little bit about himself and his dreams with us…

 Tell us a little bit about yourself? I am a very diligent, easy-going person who enjoys intelligent discussion and loves people.

What drew you to working at Amadeus? While working in a travel agency a few years back, I came to the Amadeus office in Nigeria for training. I absolutely loved the ambience and camaraderie amongst the staff. Back then, I said that I would love to work in such enabling environment in the future.

 What’s your job role and what does it entail? As an Account Manager, I am entrusted with the Key Accounts for Amadeus Nigeria. I do not only discuss travel with our clients, but also help them with advice on how they can develop their organisation.  Furthermore, I manage online solutions on behalf of the company to attain Amadeus’ organisational objectives of being the forefront GDS and  help develop the travel industry through the use of technological tools to enhance performance and profits.

The one gadget you cannot live without? And why?  That’s without a doubt my phone. My phone allows me to confidently and promptly attend to my customers’ needs while on the go.

Favorite Amadeus solution?  Amadeus BMP Link

Why would you recommend this solution? – Because of its easy to use set-up. Amadeus BMP Link helps business owners access their sales report from anywhere in the world thanks to the fact that the solution is web-based. Other great attributes of this solution include graphical analysis using histograms 7 pie charts, sales analysis balance sheet and Profit and loss account.

If you could create any gadget or app, what would it do? A unifying digital marketing tool which would help develop the online market in Nigeria.

If there was one thing you could change in the world today, what would it be? I would like there to be peace to be in the world. I dream of a world where everyone views one another as the same irrespective of the colour of their skin.

How are your weekends and holidays spent? My weekend is spent with my family, but I also like to make time to read a good book and to sleep.

 Tell us something about you that most people don’t know: Most people are unaware that I have a dual personality. Although I’m actually an indoor person and homely, at work I’m perceived to be quite outdoorsy.