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A great refresher on everything Amadeus has to offer and opportunity to put our knowledge into practice was just some of the feedback from Amadeus Quality Managers (AQMs) who recently joined Fiona Rajah Gopal and her team at an AQM workshop to talk about Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.


AQMs are in essence Amadeus experts who stay up-to-date with Amadeus news, enhancements and industry issues. AQMs meet on a regular basis to find out about technological enhancements to build their businesses, receive vital information on industry issues and meet and build relationships with Amadeus experts.


Alice Kiow from Travel Spirit in Port Louis says the AQM workshop was extremely useful. “Even though we know the products quite well, we don’t always practice what we know.”


Since the latest Amadeus AQM session, Alice has started adopting the Amadeus Offers at the Travel Spirit agency in a much more efficient way. The Amadeus Offers allow travel agents to store and exchange travel proposals for air and hotel content with travelers via a central, cross-channel facility. She explains the Offers are a very handy tool that allow the agency to save a lot of time.


Her first AQM workshop, says Nicky Taikie Coorjee, Director at Hotemart Mauritius Ltd, in Quatre Bornes, was an “enjoyable and fruitful” experience. She explains the workshop was led by a pleasant, professional and humourous trainer, who introduced AQMs to user-friendly and innovative new products. “As time goes on, travel agents can get increasingly lazy as Amadeus keeps offering them products to sell more, to move faster and to serve better,” she says jokingly.


Nicky says she especially enjoyed hearing about the ‘Merchandising’ section of Amadeus with its ‘Seats & Services’ catalogue. The single view of the seat map and the services catalogue, along with the new enhancements help travel agents save time and offer best options for the clients. Also the presentation on the Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) was valuable, according to Nicky, who says the the use of the ATC certainly makes work a lot less chaotic for the travel agents and ensures they adopt the correct way of ticketing.


Didn’t make it this time? Check out what you missed at the January AQM in Mauritius:

MRU AQMJennifer and Chlotilde (Harel Mallac), Cynthia (Rogers) and Allan (Summertimes).

IMG_0399Pictured here standing is Bafana Sithole (trainer) with from left to right Varsha & Carole (Check In Travel), Shenaz (Omarjee Holidays), Patrice (Cathay Tours) and Nicolas (Hotemart).

IMG_0410At the back Jennifer (Harel Mallac) & Navin (Goldfinch) and in front, Amirrah (Sky Air) and Sharda (Garudas Travel).

IMG_0419ACO Mauritius Team with Bafana. Pictured from left – Kervin (IT), Bafana (Trainer), Neeloo (Helpdesk / Trainer), Fiona (CM) and Shaad (IT).

IMG_0397From left, pictured here are Sushila (New Asia), Amiirah (Sky Air), Chitra (Genting), Sanjay (Bhoyroo Travel), Diana (Holiday Planners), Rajesh (Thomas Cook), and Mrs. Ramgoolam (Paradise Travel).