Print Form
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Are you struggling to integrate your service fees into the itinerary receipts you produce in a clear and professional way?

If you want to efficiently inform your customers of the fees you charge for the services you provide to them, Print Form is the solution for you. You can use this solution on the Amadeus Business Management Platform (BMP), whether you are a Link user or a RTS (Remote Ticketing Solution) user.

How to use Link Form:

Step 1: how to display the sales report and select the ticket.

Your customised itinerary receipts can be accessed from the General Report submenu.


Select the ticket for which you want to add a service fee

Click on Edit to open a separate window where you will be able to modify information

Step 2: Update your service fees

Depending on whether you are a Consolidator or a Subagent, you will need to change the corresponding total amount of the Per Operation line. This amount depends on your internal policy. Save the update by clicking the Save button.

All you have to do now is display the itinerary by clicking on the Print Form button (print icon).

Step 3: Display the itinerary receipt with the updated fee information

You can directly print your itinerary receipt or send it to the customer by email, in html, pdf or a combination of both.