Lice Travel Community
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If two heads are better than one, imagine what 10 or 20 bright travel agency minds could do to help you solve your challenges. That is why Amadeus recently launched the Amadeus Live Travel Community, the first international online community of travel agents.
This community is an open, dynamic, and connected forum for our travel channel customers to meet and exchange information on Amadeus products and services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Live Travel Community is a place where agents can talk directly to Amadeus aficionados, give advice, share tips, provide suggestions, and help each other.

How to ask a question?

When you need a solution for a specific problem, posting a question in a Community can be a useful way to find help if you haven’t found an answer through searching in Amadeus Service Hub or the Community.

  1. Click New Question.
  2. Select the language of your post.
  3. Enter the title of your question.
    The search function displays possible answers based on matching keywords. If you find a similar post, click on the result from the list, otherwise continue writing your question.
  4. Describe the question with as much details as possible to allow others the ability to answer or reproduce the issue you are facing.
  5. You can copy/paste or drag/drop an image and add links to help with the explanation.
    Alternatively, you can also load an image through the image button in the editor.
  6.  Select a category to filter your post.
  7. If applicable, untick “I allow this question to be posted publicly”.
  8. Click Publish.

Note: You are prevented from publishing the post if the system recognises a word that may be considered as offensive.

What should I do if no one answers my question?

Is the title of your post too general? A general question will only result in other members needing to ask follow-up questions to provide more details.
Consider editing your post by adding more information or remove unnecessary text. This will bump your question to the top and get more people interested in it.

Why can I not ask a question? 

You cannot ask or answer a question if:

  • You did not accept Terms & Conditions.
  • Your account has been banned from asking or replying to posts.
    Note: There is no indication to the rest of the Community that you have been banned.
  • You are an airline user, ground-handler, IATA, etc.

How to answer a question?

Share your expertise by answering questions that are posted in the Community. Also, answering questions builds your credibility and reputation!

The best way to find new questions is to check on My Feed > Unanswered.

  1. Go to the discussion thread or the question you would like to respond to.
  2. Click on Answer located just under the main post or add a Comment to a specific reply within the thread.
  3. If applicable, paste an image to the post (PNG, BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF)
  4. Click Publish.
  5. Follow up on your reply, if necessary.