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Did you know that consultants in South Africa can earn significantly more depending on their location?

Amadeus recently sponsored a survey, which reveals the employment conditions in the travel trade in South Africa. The survey was conducted by Travel News Weekly (TNW) based on the responses of 981 travel trade professionals.

The survey revealed that it takes over 20 years for the average travel agent in South Africa to earn a basic salary over R20 000. The analysis also shows that remuneration in Gauteng and the Western Cape is far higher than the average countrywide.

Consultants who fulfil a managerial role earn considerably more in Gauteng and Cape Town than their colleagues in KZN. While managers in Gauteng and the Cape earn an average of R25 000, managers in KZN reported earnings of R15 000.

Across the country, there is a critical shortage of new entrants into the travel industry.Only KZN has a healthy intake of new travel agents.Countrywide, travel agents with less than 2 years’ experience are earning R5 294 rising to R8 022 for two to five years’ experience.

More than half of consultants (62%) who are not in a managerial role don’t earn a commission in South Africa. The below graph shows that of the people who work in a travel agency and do earn a commission, those in KZN earn more commission and are more dependent on it than consultants in the other main provinces.

In Gauteng, the commission portion of total earnings is 40%, in the Western Cape it is 44% and in KZN it is 53%. When combining commission and basic pay, the average consultant in KZN earns R17 605. Gauteng consultants earn 16% more at R20 495 and Cape agents are the highest earners with 18% more at R20 795.

So, is commission a good thing? It would appear to be the case especially in the KZN region where commission-earning travel agents earn 27% more than their colleagues who don’t earn a commission. In Gauteng and Western Cape, the advantage of commission is just 6%.