Deep link
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Just like shoppers get excited about a promotion when a supermarket celebrates a birthday, so do Internet users get excited when they see interesting promotions online. That is why it’s important to make sure you link all e-commerce events to a promotion.

And remember, the main aim of a promotion is to bring Internet users to your website.

If you want to manage your running promotions dynamically in e-Power, you can use a module called Deep Link.

The creation of promotional links is done from the e-power Administrator Interface. Users can log in with a username and password.

Go to Portal -> Deep Links Manager and select your portal

Fill out the form paying particular attention to the field ‘Group Code’

The promotion links are displayed on the portal in groups by the group code. We recommend that you use the source and destination codes for the group code name to easily distinguish groups

Once you have finished creating all the links of the promotions, your list should look like the one below.

Now, you can go to your Amadeus e-power Portal in Staging mode.

Log in as a WebPart administrator, open the panel and click  [Edit mode]

Select “DeepLink” from the “Module” list, then select an area to add the Web Part in the “Place” list, click [Add Module].

Click [Edit] on the newly added DeepLink webpart to configure its properties.

Specify the number of columns and the structure of the promotions links (as well as possibly the dimensions of the image), the column title, and the group code used in the administration panel for group creation

Each Web Part can contain up to 3 columns of promotions links.

Once the links are displayed on the portal, you can copy the links and use them elsewhere. Here are some examples :

1. Hotel NYC Departure on Monday, one day after today – return after 2 days but on Monday

2. Flight from London To Bangkok – Departure on First Monday after 2 days, return after 5 days but on Sunday

3. Hotel in Antalya – departure 3 months after today on Sunday, return after one week on Sunday

4. Car Barcelona – Pickup BCN, First Saturday after today, return after one day but on Saturday

Publish in Production – Configuration

Here is the procedure for publishing in production mode

To publish the Deep Links settings in production mode, you must access

– First Admin -> Portal Version Manager -> Backup to create a backup of the portal.

– Then go to Admin -> Portal Version Manager -> Publish the request, select the backup version to publish, tick “Publish now” and in the list below check only “Deep Links” (this is one of the last options):

Click on [Publish in production].

Publish in production – UI

It’s important to also publish the user interface.

Go to Admin -> File Manager and click the [File Manager] button

To open the File Manager of your portal (you must use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers because these browsers use Silverlight technology).

And finally, you’ll need to clone the version folder as STG Default and mark the PRD clone as Default.